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Not convinced

This behaviour, and the ensuing plethora of excuses, will likely be familiar to many people who’ve lived with cisgender heterosexual men. Though not exclusively – but more on that later.

Dubbed ‘man-children’, these men can be characterised by a number of child-like traits, including ‘not noticing’ the dishes need washing or bins need emptying and weaponising their own incompetence when they eventually do it; being ungrateful for the emotional and physical care provided by their partner, and general helplessness when it comes to taking care of themselves – and, sometimes, their own kids.

Now, this phenomenon has officially been confirmed by science. A recent study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour journal, found that not only do man-children exist, but they’re actually killing women’s libidos with their ineptitude.

See how fast that libido thing disappears if the bloke isn’t pulling in the money from outside the household. Yes, yes, this newmansoyboy nurturing and gathering – but fail to hunt and see how often the dick gets washed…..

12 thoughts on “Not convinced”

  1. Dennis, The Sensitive Type

    Ah yes, bimbos choose to fuck the wrong sort of guys for all the wrong reasons and… It’s everybody else’s fault when things Don’t End Well. Men In General. Straight Men. Other Men. Men Men. Yep, Brit’s got it nailed. And how can you doubt her… She has SCIENCE on her side.

    See Jessica Valenti’s Sex Object for a more detailed treatment. Jessica spent years fucking drug dealers, drug users, drop-outs and deadbeats and never did come to an understanding as to why her relationships were less than satisfying. In the end she married a submissive soy boy who is, not doubt, happy to take the blame (as long as he gets a spanking).

    Once in the midst of a break-up fight the other half of the break-up took time to provide me with a litany of my faults, to which I responded with The Obvious: “I can’t help the fact that you have terrible taste in men.”

  2. Dennis, Cranky As All Get Out

    Where did all the real men go?

    They’re headed for the land where wimmin don’t confuse “sharing their feelings” with “being on the rag 24/7”.

  3. Honey, if you didn’t notice your man wouldn’t take out the garbage before you married him – cohabitation being the norm nowadays – then that is your own fault.

    You made that bed, lie in it.

  4. There has been a reason for women doing, on average, more of the housework since mankind invented houses – that men do more work outside the house. Statista says that the latest data is 605.5 million hours worked for men in Sptember 2022 comparec to 433.5 million for women [among adults, women outnumber men].
    This does not excuse laziness among “men-children” but it does demonstrate that the generalisation in the article is overwhelmongly cowshit

  5. “Step Two: Where did all the real men go?”

    They bagged an actual woman they can build a future with instead of a nagging scold.

    Or, increasingly, after having tried a couple of nagging scolds, they find their bachelor solitude leaves them with more money, more free time, and far more female attention that they actually enjoy. Guess what they choose.

  6. isn’t this just a complicated academic way of saying that apart from the sex men and women are entirely incompatible?

  7. Women: ” Men need to get in touch with their feminine side and be more caring and sharing!”

    Men; become more caring and sharing.

    Women: ” Not like that!”

  8. I’m pretty sure that I keep my end up when it comes to household chores, as well as building and fixing stuff. I’m sure lots of other men do too. So, if such men are available, why not go with them and leave the infanilised ones alone?

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