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Not for me but sounds like a fun job

Full Job Description
I am a hip hop/pop rock artist based out of Southwest Florida with a loyal and rapidly growing fanbase. I would like to hire a blog writer with focus on the hip hop/pop rock music scene. The music that will be written about will be similar to the music I produce, so as to be a means of garnering more attention towards the genre and my page. For this specific job I need someone who is as passionate about the craft as I am. Here are my criteria:

1) Have you reviewed my music? If no, see below.

2) Is this a genre of music you are familiar with?

3) Is this genre of music something you can see yourself being passionate about?

Job Type: Contract

Pay: From $75,000.00 per year


4 hour shift
Supplemental pay types:

Bonus pay
COVID-19 considerations:
Due to the fact that the job is entirely remote there is no need for any COVID-19 precautions.

Work Location: Remote

Actually, given the market for writers at the moment, that’s a damn good job offer. Given the age of the readership here if there are any grandkids into this sort of popular beat combo then I’d recommend trying to apply. That’s £60k a year, which is more than the London newspapers pay for anything but their top stars.

Really, that’s an exceptionally good offer in fact.

30 thoughts on “Not for me but sounds like a fun job”

  1. And would a blogsite attract the sort of revenue would cover that sort of salary? From the off? I smell scam.

  2. And what a fucking awful noise. Straight reggaeton. (shudders)The markets absolutely overflowing with it. Every dago in S.America & here.

  3. They have also recently posted an “on call” audio mixing job for $70k. I find it hard to believe they are real jobs. Rather than being a scam I’m more inclined to believe that it’s an innovative way of advertising the music.

  4. @BiS:
    The revenue is coming from the artist. This is really a PR role. Not that there’s much difference these days.

  5. with a loyal and rapidly growing fanbase

    If it’s rapidly growing the loyalty of much of it cannot be known.

  6. @AndyF The remote mixing/studio work is a Thing nowadays. Some musician friends of mine do it regularly for otherwise impossible collabs.

    You still need some decent kit for it, very decent at the production end, but the price/quality/versatility of recording equipment nowadays is so good it’s silly.
    Most expensive thing is still the microphone, but the rest needed to record in quality is almost an afterthought, especially compared to the price of instruments.
    And real musicians love their gadgets…

    One of those friends is actually building a new studio PC. Will run to about €6k in all, but will give him something what is effectively a dual 64/16/8/2 mixing panel, with all the associated basic doodads per channel. In a flightcase small enough to use as a spare seat.
    With the home-shedded control interface that’s retrofitted/programmed to talk to the new box total is about €10k for what could easly set you back half a million 20 years ago, not counting the space to put it in.
    And this one’s portable… ( defined as: everything fits in a standard hatchback with seats folded down.)

    So yeah, off-prem home recording/mixing/production processing is quite possible nowadays, and the CoVid lockdowns have made peeps/artists very familiar with webcasts in the past couple of years, so the job offer isn’t that far out there.
    Especially since the kind of “music” involved doesn’t require all that much.

  7. The revenue is coming from the artist.
    Yeah well. If actual money is actually seen coming from the artist to the blog author we’ll take it as kosher. But not until. Personally, I don’t think he’d get a cent.

  8. @Grikath
    Indeed. All that’s possible. And cheap. And that’s the problem. There’s thousands of people doing exactly the same as your mate. I know enough of ’em. I just bought a bit of this kit for the bar. Normalises an audio stream in real time. (So we don’t get audio volume peaks that annoy the neighbours. Advertising is always at a higher level than the rest of the stream.) Cost me 150

  9. Bloke in the Fourth Reich


    And if the first paycheck doesn’t turn up you cut your minimal losses and the aspiring rapper needs to find another writer.

    TBF certain translation agencies used to work on that basis such are the numbers queueing up for such work (or the “cut into 500 word segments and send different segments as “tests” to new writers). I may have already told the story of the fresh graduate who thought she would achieve both fame and fortune by prancing into a flexible job as a translator of great works of literature (Italian to English).

  10. bloke in spain,

    He has 22 listens on Spotify. I’d want money up front.

    “And what a fucking awful noise. Straight reggaeton. (shudders)The markets absolutely overflowing with it. Every dago in S.America & here.”

    I know there’s a general thing about kids music and all that, but I listened to the “top songs” on Spotify, and few of them have anything distinctive about them. They all sound like this sort of stuff. And there are songs in recent years that stand out so it’s not just that I’m old (A Good Song Never Dies by Saint Motel for example).

  11. I’d expect a sting BiFR. Get someone to put a lot of time & effort into something, then twist, dupe & strip them. It’s not as if there’s any shortage of people could put a blog site together. Net’s infested with them. He doesn’t know anyone would do it for nothing & a beer? Just the fact that Tim’s seen his ad makes me deeply suspicious.

  12. I know there’s a general thing about kids music and all that, but I listened to the “top songs” on Spotify, and few of them have anything distinctive about them. They all sound like this sort of stuff.
    You don’t go to the clubs down here, mate. It’s horrific. There’s about half a billion kids putting this shit out everywhere from Patagonia to Mongolia.
    There was a good article written a few years back on how kids have been “educated” to prefer certain sorts of music by way of production techniques. They sound the same because they’ve been “educated” into wanting the same. Modulating voices with effects etc
    And the average age of your Spotify “top songs” consumer is around 13.

  13. @BiS yep, good thing there’s 10.000’s bands around.. 😉
    But really.. as with instruments/musicians, the kit is easy. Being actually good with it is.. another matter. There’s a reason good techies always have work..

    As-is, it’s amazing how much the “digital revolution” is still changing the artistic landscape, both in accessibility and tech. And fun to potter around in helping out peeps you like with Stuff.

  14. In the old folk-tale, it was a child who spotted that the emperor was naked, while all the adults were taken in. Now, though,something seems to have gone wrong with a whole generation. Was it lockdown or something? I can clearly see the imperial cock flapping against a scrawny thigh, the hairs on his ball-sack, and a really nasty pair of hairy man-boobs.

  15. There’s a caveat with Spotify : It isn’t a good metric to determine how successful an artist/band actually is, except for maybe the top tier, which are a given anyway as they’re generally under studio contracts with the associated PR/Hype.

    At the semi-pro festival/pub level that I am most familiar with it’s the fanbase, and their willingness to travel to show up at venues and bring people with them, that determines success.
    Because that is what gets you booked.

    If you want to expand your fanbase, Youtube is a much better bet, with better potential revenue.
    Spotify is, at best, a long bet which might lead people to Youtube or your own webpage. Which financially doesn’t even cover the effort of making your spotify landing page look good enough to interest people.

  16. I just checked nickyt on Spotify. He’s just over a 1000 plays in the last month, so he may have made an entire US cent. And his followers look like being his aunt & two latino mates, his girlfriend & her sister. So unless he recently won the Florida State lottery I think we can safely forget about the 75k p/a.

  17. On the other hand, he’s just got a mench on Tim’s blog. So that well may have pushed him a couple thousand pages up the Google search algorithms. The Big Time is almost within reach.

  18. Dennis, Rappin' With The Man...

    He’s clueless.

    His target demographic doesn’t fuck around with blogs. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc.

  19. I’m glad to hear you’re not rappin’ with the trannies, Dennis.
    He got a 126 visits for his top track on Utube. I doubt the other platforms have even heard of him.

  20. His target demographic doesn’t fuck around with blogs. They’re on Facebook . . .

    Hello, fellow kid.
    Those count as about the same, nowadays, Dennis.

  21. Dennis, Rappin' With The Man... Not Men, Women Or Those In Between

    Those count as about the same, nowadays, Dennis.

    Kids aren’t into Facebook these days? Learn something new every day. Like today… Today I learned I’m an Old Fart who doesn’t know Facebook is passé wit da yoot.

  22. He’s a coke dealer, isn’t he?

    It’s not unheard of in the music scene, but in this case (a whiny, middle-class white man-child) I would suspect a generous “loan” from the bank of mom and dad.

  23. No. Judging by his followers, he’s a latino kid. And no doubt street smart. I would imagine his intention was to hook in some gullible fool to build him a blog site for nothing. As long as he registers the platform he can later lock the mark out of it by changing the password. And the 75k carrot may draw in an even better prospect. Tim fell for it didn’t he? He may find someone to “invest” in his project. Then it depends how much money he can squeeze out of them. The secret of all good cons is getting the mark to con himself. It is remarkably easy. People will supply their own justifications for what they’re doing, if you let them. You just need to shepherd them in the right direction.
    The temptation to work one on the Cunt in Ely is overwhelming. It’s a case of working out the mechanics of setting him up. But the easiest person to con is always a con-man. The trick is getting them to think they’re conning you whilst you con them. Then they’re concentrating on their con & don’t see it coming.

  24. No. Judging by his followers, he’s a latino kid. And no doubt street smart.

    I’d taken the trouble to look at his Instagrams:

    and I’m sticking with my assessment of deluded brat with funds.

    The two tracks on YouTube are hilarious teen angst loser incel stuff and sound more like (bad) indie rock than hiphop, but I can’t claim to be a connoisseur.

    He’s advertising four other jobs on Indeed with similar pay. Could all be a con but to what end?

  25. Jeez! Trying to access an instagram account! It really is not worth the trouble. Why does the output of morons require such high security?

    Yeah, it’s difficult to judge his intellect by his product. But, on the other hand, there is an enormous market for it. If it sells, that would seem to validate its value. And like I said, I think the genre’s reggaeton. It’s something the dagos borrowed from Jamaican dance hall. Although they don’t use the variety of riddims so it all sounds pretty much the same. But innovation really isn’t a latino thing. It’s not in the culture.

    Oh I’m sure it’s a variety of con. I have to live in this culture. It’s actually built on them to a certain extent.* Sure it’s not a particularly clever one. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s like the Nigerian 419s., May be transparent to you but there will be someone out there swallows it. By the look of the post, it took Tim in. With the interweb the mouth of ones trawl net can be infinitely wide.

    *I really do get this on a daily basis. Someone trying to sell me on something that’s obviously bollocks. I can’t work out why they bother expending the energy. And the damage it does to their own credibility. But then I’m a London street kid. Accustomed to a level of sophistication about 10 levels up from theirs.

  26. And like I said, I think the genre’s reggaeton.

    Due to this discussion I’ve sampled enough “reggaetron” to conclude that
    a) it’s shit
    b) nickyT’s output is not of it.

    There’s nothing about his physical or cultural appearance to suggest Latino, nor anything in the sound of his voice or his writing. He’s a wealthy wet white boy; like someone a young Rik Mayall could play.

  27. Go look at all his followers/friends are. With his talent they’ll be the same thing. Not a gringo or gringa amongst them. I’m thinking possibly cubano. Very big Cuban demographic in Florida. Half the Cubans I know seem to have relatives there.

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