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Not really, no

France has been accused of helping to fund Vladimir Putin’s war effort by continuing to import nuclear fuel from Russia.

Greenpeace on Friday called it “scandalous” that uranium was still being bought by European companies to be used in nuclear power stations across the continent.

The campaigning charity this week filmed the arrival of dozens of drums of uranium, both raw and enriched, from Russia at the northern French port of Dunkirk.

Imports of nuclear fuel from Russia remain legal in Europe as Brussels has not been able to ban them in eight rounds of sanctions packages.

While Europe has been weaning itself off Russian fossil fuels since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, its nuclear sector is still heavily dependent on Russia and imports more than €200 million worth of uranium every year.

The idea that any revenue going into Atomenergoexport (if it’s still called that) will reach the Russian state is not just cute it’s laughable.

28 thoughts on “Not really, no”

  1. In other news the Russian government stand accused of funding the Ukrainian war effort by continuing to pay transits fees for using the Ukrainian gas pipelines to export gas.

    Yea, this whole war is weird.

    Film at 11….

  2. Well, as an Aussie I’d be happy if the French bought Australian uranium, but the notion that Europeans should suffer from cold and poverty because it’s too wicked to buy Russian nuclear fuel is just plain stupid.

    Of course, I wouldn’t have sanctioned Russian gas either.

  3. Tim, you obviously not been paying attention.
    He keeps all that entiched uranium under that huge table in the Kremlin.
    That’s why he’s been a bit poorly lately.

  4. If buying anything Russkie is verboten, why have the EU imposed a $60 per barrel price cap on Russian oil? They’re not still buying the stuff are they?

  5. My daughter in Germany complains that toilet paper isnow extortionately expensive since the last round of sanctions against Russia but I suppose every little bit helps crush the war machine..

  6. @Ljh – the loo roll available in the former E Germany, under Russian management was made out of wood pulp so coarse that you got splinters from it. That’s when there weren’t convenient holes in it large enough for an unsuspecting finger to slip through which was in pleasant contrast to the country’s borders. Happy days!

  7. After Russian forces shelled the plant, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, this August called for a halt to nuclear shipments as part of EU sanctions.

    The West’s buyer’s remorse over Zelensky is palpable. Member in the summer, when he was a bigger star than Greta Thundermong? Come to think of it, they’re both professional actors urging the sacrifice of your standard of living for their cause.

    But Z-Man hasn’t been flavour of the month for a while, Washington has been not so subtly sending out smoke signals against him for months and the public argument over who fired missiles into Poland still seems to rankle NATO. Now that the US midterms are safely over and Russia has gathered about 500,000 men near Ukie borders, he’d better have eyeballs on his back.

    Addolff – Europe has never stopped buying Russian oil, they just buy a lot of their Russian oil from third parties at huge mark-ups now. Sure, sanctions are still “hurting” Russia, if you like that sort of thing, but we’ve known for 6 months that sanctions are hurting Europe / the UK a lot more.

    Salamander – Russian government stand accused of funding the Ukrainian war effort by continuing to pay transits fees for using the Ukrainian gas pipelines to export gas.

    The Russians are paying billions of roubles to people they describe as a strategic security threat to Russia, and the Ukrainians are accepting money from people they accuse of genociding Ukrainians.

    Slav brother wars are deeply retarded and so are people who want to get involved in them.

  8. Where were Greenpeace’s concerns when the Obama administration, in the guise of Secretary of State Clinton, approved the sale of Uranium One to Rosatom?

  9. “Slav brother wars are deeply retarded and so are people who want to get involved in them.”

    Anybody who saw/heard the Serbia v Switz game on Friday and Xhaka’s and Shaqiri’s antics would have spotted that fact.

  10. TMG: that was thirty years ago! Russian loo paper can now tend to the tenderest nether regions since they learned a bit of market economics

  11. John.. It’s Greenpeace.. Of course there were “concerns”, and no doubt a press release and some generous Donations were made. Got to show you’re active Activists to keep the moolah mill rolling.

    The issue simply wasn’t Shiny enough for the general MSM to pick it up. Or the Donations weren’t large enough. Or…

    But you can bet Greenpeace had an Opinion and made a Statement.

  12. Grikath

    I believe the Clinton Foundation was particularly flush with cash around that time. Perhaps a handful of loose change found its way to the Greenies.

  13. Ljh – subject to availability 🙂 Perish the thought that soon copies of the Hamburger Abendblatt will be torn into small squares at lunch time in the office and then bound together in handy bundles thanks to the office hole-punch and a piece of string.

  14. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Bog roll has roughly doubled in price in the last year. Along with most basics and essentials.

    As with most things, the increases are proportionately higher at the lower quality end (I’m in the “why the fuck would even billionaires buy expensive bog roll” faction).

  15. Let’s be honest, Ottokring. Anyone involved with football is a bit retarded. “It’s a game of two halves, innit”

  16. I used to buy bog roll in Germany called Happy End.

    The sort used in my company’s loos approximates to TMB’s description.

  17. More UkieWar doublespeak/standards in the news here today..

    The Evil Russians have managed to “steal” a billion worth of wheat from the territory they’ve “occupied”, according to NASA imagery/surveillance, which is a War Crime of the Highest Order according to some UN/EU important suits.
    Amazingly, this is not happening, or to a lesser extent, on the Frontline.

    Other than if the situation was reversed, it’d probably be “denying the Enemy of Much Needed Resources” and All GoodnessPlus..
    Farmers are getting the winter harvest in before it gets ruined, and have at least a chance to get paid, news at 11.
    What were they supposed to do…. Let it rot in the fields?

  18. O/T
    Is Just Stop Oil a parody account?
    Some middle class white gels get into a bed at Harrods.
    One of them sporting a placard reading “End Fuel Poverty Now”.

    I see the marching throngs of traffic disruptors have modified their signage to “Just Stop NEW Oil”. As if new oil is more carboniferous than old oil.
    Never mind loves, thanks to *unt’s windfall taxes Total has withdrawn 100 million in N Sea investment and Shell is reviewing 25 billion.

  19. Didn’t the very spelling of Xhaka give away that he’s not Slav? Since when did Slavic languages do “q” either?

    As soon as I looked at those names I could see they weren’t Slavic.

    The Albanian vs Serb antagonism is largely about the Albanians being absolutely determined that they are not Slavs.

  20. Chester

    Actually that’s quite true. They are being Kosovan Albanian nationalists and cocking snooks at the Serbs.

    I am disappointed that Xhaka isn’t Xhosa though.

  21. . . . and Russia has gathered about 500,000 men near Ukie borders . . .

    Are we back to the unstoppable steamroller?

    Speaking of sales campaigns, Matt Hancock’s is pretty impressive. It’s amazing what dogturds people will buy into.

  22. LJH. It’s not just Germany where loo paper has jumped in price. We buy our toilet paper in bulk 144 roll commercial packs and we’ve noticed that not only has the paper jumped up in price by one third when compared to this time last year but also the rolls seem to be a bit thinner in terms of number of sheets per roll than they once were.

  23. Not “seem to be”, Fahrenheit. Are.

    And it’s actually declared on the package, at least here in Clogland.
    But it’s easy to roll less length at slightly lesser tension/smaller perforator distance to make the rolls look as big. And the manufacturers know no-one except the extreme OCD-driven ever read, let alone compare, the amount of “sheets” a roll has.

    Hell.. the only reason I know is because some peeps did noticie, and it was a news item a month or two ago over here.
    And it’s not just toilet paper, so one starts to pay a bit more attention to this kind of thing.

  24. because some peeps did noticie

    Well that’s no surprise in a country where people when they move house take the lightbulbs from sockets and loo-rolls from holders with them, er, or so I’m led to believe.

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