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Not sure anyone doubts this

Biological men can legally become women and gain their legal protections, a Scottish judge has ruled, in a landmark case which raised new fears over the dangers of Nicola Sturgeon’s transgender reforms.

Lady Haldane on Wednesday confirmed that gender recognition certificates (GRCs) change a person’s sex in the eyes of UK equalities law, in a judgment issued just a week before MSPs vote on a system which would allow Scots to obtain the documents simply by signing a declaration.

The judge isn’t telling us the truth, that ineffable and unalterable. The judge is telling us what the law says. Rather the point being that we all agree that’s what it does say but some think it shouldn’t…….

7 thoughts on “Not sure anyone doubts this”

  1. If it were just the absurdity factor, might as well pass a law negating gravity.

    The plain fact is that this – coupled with the upcoming legislation – puts women at a disadvantage by allowing biological males access to females in situations like prisons, care homes and hospitals.

  2. Exactly Julia. That is just the sort of Swiftian thinking that infects these people, don’t be surprised if they introduce such a law and then complain that no one is obeying it and start sending police to arrest those who are not floating about.

    I find it incomprehensible that female self proclaimed feminist politicians can agree with this sort of legislation.

    But then these people also believe fervently in man made climate change, so they are prepared to accept even the most ludicrous argumens as true.

    Gravity is wrongs. It is a patriarchal and capitalist plot to keep the people down.

  3. If it were just the absurdity factor, might as well pass a law negating gravity.

    The legislature in Indiana once tried to legislate the value of pi…

  4. Is there a reason we can’t say that these “certificates”, if issued in Scotland, are valid only in Scotland?

    Isn’t that SNP’s wet dream in every other situation anyway?

  5. The Cambridge dictionary has amended the definition of ‘woman’ to include mental blokes in frocks.

    If Orwell was alive today, do you think he’d be bored of being right?

  6. Chernyy Drakon: Actually, it was a bill to use a particular method of squaring the circle in Indiana schools, which used 3.2 as an approximation of pi. It didn’t claim it to be the true value, and certainly didn’t attempt to impose it more generally, although (obviously) it resulted in such an incorrect solution that the bill didn’t pass.

    It was still less wrong than this.

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