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Note the progression

I think that in a country where we can realistically expect it to be cold quite often that it is a basic human right to be warm enough to avoid the harm

I think that

The result is that there is serious harm to health and well-being happening in the UK right now because a basic human right to be warm

It is.

Petitio principii

I do not pretend to be an expert. I do not have all the answers.

And that, from another piece, is simply barking.

14 thoughts on “Note the progression”

  1. I do not pretend to be an expert but I can’t help thinking that expensive imported energy might have something to do with people feeling a bit chilly.

  2. I’m definitely not an expert, but I’d argue that wasting money on windmills and banning fracking are exactly what’s causing the problem.

  3. As Bentham said, ‘nonsense upon stilts’:

    …a reason for wishing that a certain right were established, is not that right—want is not supply—hunger is not bread. … If you confine yourself to declaring a general right, without specifying how it is to be executed, you do nothing at all.

    Prices are high due to energy shortages and (self-imposed) costs. Rhetoric about rights to warmth remedies neither. Mr. Murphy should direct his complaints to the cold winds.

  4. jk277 @ 12.04 – “Prices are high due to politicians deliberately engineering energy shortages and (self-imposed) imposing additional costs”. FTFY.

  5. According to the Telegraph, the National Grid is saying we will be all right for power, provided that UK and France do not experience Winter at the same time.

    I took this to be a coded way of saying power cuts are certain, slipping past the brain-dead censors.

    If power runs short, the answer apparently to ‘switch on’ more coal power stations, despite politicians using their destruction as photo-opportunities for the last 10 years, and despite the coal needing to be ordered and shipped from Russia or Australia (if any still available).

    Also, it’s all Putin’s fault, supposedly, because all our gas-powered stations are running flat out (proving no shortage of gas, albeit expensive) while Putin’s war and European self-harm sanctions explains the shortage of gas, of which there isn’t. Yet.

    Nightfall, I.Asimov. Light! Heat!

  6. As per Heinlein, rights are an illusion, a legal myth.
    Heinlein used the example of a man dropped into the ocean. Will the universe listen to his complaints about “right to life”?

    Right to be warm? Go find some firewood and make yourself warm. Or find one or more furry creatures and liberate them of their fur.

    The universe doesn’t care, Gaia doesn’t give a rats buttock about us. We have to fight tooth and nail against the cold, other animals, disease, the weather, etc to survive.
    We should be using means we have.
    Unfortunately our overlords have forgotten this, pampered by soft lives far removed from the harsh realities at the sharp end.

  7. A warm house being necessary to the comfort of a pensioner, the right of the people to keep and burn fuel, shall not be infringed.

    Doesn’t quite work – and not what Spud had in mind but rights should be about what government won’t do to you imv.

  8. Given he, with his fanatical support for COVID lockdowns and Net Zero, as well as his admiration for the truly appalling Caroline Lucas and the evil Green Party, is one of the primary reasons for the prospect of people freezing, his chutzpah and lack of self-awareness remains staggering:

    To paraphrase – ‘Accountant’, ‘Tax Justice campaigner’, ‘professor’, – heal thyself….

  9. It’s Murphy… Anything he wants is a Basic Human Right™, anything he doesn’t like is an Abomination Unto Nuggan, and possibly Literally Hitler.

    Until tomorrow, of course, when he shakes his Magic 8-ball to see what he has to condemn today.

  10. Nobody is stopping Murphy from lending out the spare rooms or even just giving some money – that he has more than enough of – away.

    Think of how many homeless could be sheltered if all the people saying it is a ‘rught’ would just let *one* come live with them.

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