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Now here is a truly intersting question

In comments from Bloke in Wales:

If the nhs is so awash with cash it can afford quarter-million-quid non-jobs (don’t forget all the employers’ job tax, pension contributions, private health care (a diversity manager isn’t going to slum it in the nhs!), other benefits)

Now, think on this. Do any of those NHS panjandrums actually get Bupa as part of their pay deal? Wouldn’t it be fun and interesting if they did?

And, can we find out?

8 thoughts on “Now here is a truly intersting question”

  1. I should be written into their contract that they cannot, while in post, go private. Sackable offence to do so.

  2. I doubt it’s written into their contracts, but, on the quiet, the NHS provides a much better and quicker service for their own, than the disgraceful, slow and inadequate ‘service’ the public gets. The ~6 million operation backlog could be dealt with if these freeloaders had to queue like the rest of us.

  3. A million years ago there was a mighty brouhaha because a leading Labour govt minister, Barbara Castle, had avoided the NHS and “gone private”.

    Up to a point. It turned out that she had used the NHS and the misunderstanding had arisen because she was treated throughout as if she were a private patient.

  4. The NHS being State Leviathan has different budgets for different things and cross budgeting is not allowed. So you can have the crazy situation which happened some years back, where a hospital closed down a ward because it had run out if budget to pay for staff, whilst a new ward was under construction in a new wing to the hospital paid for out if its capital budget.

    Private healthcare. If staff are part of a union, private healthcare may be part of the package. Unions in the past had their I n healthcare schemes and hospitals.

    Before 1911 National Insurance Act, 75% of the population had private health insurance via mutuals, friendly societies, community schemes, union schemes. There was no clamour for National Insurance, it was just the politicians who wanted it. Forced payment into the State scheme meant all the private schemes folded and the people lost control, transferred to civil servants and politicians. And here we are.

  5. They don’t need BUPA, NHS staff get fast tracked for treatment.

    Considering that a lot of “private” treatment is just the same NHS staff and equipment in the same operating theatres working after 3pm* instead of before 3pm, it becomes very easy.

    *arbitrary time point

  6. Do any of those NHS panjandrums actually get Bupa as part of their pay deal?

    They do and it’s been reported by Spec, Tel, DM, GB News… But not BBC

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