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Now I know I’m old – or at least out of touch

Maxi Jazz obituary
Frontman of Faithless whose thoughtful, life-affirming lyrics were in contrast to the usual hedonistic banalities of dance music

I’m so out of touch with parts of contemporary culture – here, popular beat combos – that someone can play long enough to mature enough into a Times obituary without my ever having heard of them.

Sure, so there’re many a Deputy Lord Lieutenant and WWII hero, potter or restauranteur that gain the august obit without my ever having known of their existence. But a pop musician? Shows how out of touch I am……

6 thoughts on “Now I know I’m old – or at least out of touch”

  1. The unusual thing is that the deceased didn’t achieve fame until his late 30s, whereas most popular musicians record their first hits in their late teens.

  2. @Charles. No. Thank goodness. Tedious and repetitive. If I heard it at the time, I’d have filtered it out. Awful. Two minutes of my life I won’t get back. I’ll go back to never having heard of him.

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