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One for Dennis here

Our Carrie:

The Cruelty Is The Point, by Adam Serwer; Troll Nation, by Amanda Marcotte; American Fascism, by Brynn Tannehill

Sadly the culture wars and far-right troll politics of the US haven’t stayed within its borders, and we’re seeing very similar anti-democratic activity here.

She recommends Amanduh.

Do we need to know more?

6 thoughts on “One for Dennis here”

  1. I knew there was – is – delusion there, but that bad? Sure I’m surprised.

    For example, I like this:

    “A fascinating look at the lives of ex-pop and rock stars that’s much more interesting than you might expect. How do you find meaning when the most exciting thing you’ll ever do, the one thing you always dreamed of doing, is in the past?”

    Neither Carrie nor I were ever stars (I realised this and gave up at 18) but it is indeed true, those moments when you really actually have the audience in the palm of your hand, when you’re a band not a collection of people playing music, there’s just absolutely nothing quite like it. There really is just that Mozart moment, if you’re lucky, when it’s not you, not them, it’s just that fraction of the universe entering the room. Jeez, sound like I’m on ‘rooms but anyone who has played live music will know what I mean. Nope, not sex, not drugs, not booze. Those all have their plusses, of course, but they’re not the same as those – rare – moments when that collective of playing music with others gets it right.

    Sure, and it happened to me for perhaps 20 minutes (no, really) of my life and it took a decade of practice to get there. I can think of the two gigs where it happened, where it just, for those two brief moments, it all worked.

    I’m very glad I got those 20 minutes too, but fuck me I miss them.

  2. As much as they call us fascists, the closest thing I’ve seen to Kristallnacht in the 21st century is AntiFa smashing windows and hospitalizing protesters.

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