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Ooh, excellent, are they going to try the oil exchange next?

Watch: Waitresses at Salt Bae’s restaurant physically remove Animal Rebellion protestors
Animal Rebellion protesters say staff physically removed demonstrators from the venue ‘tougher than police would do it’


Oil traders reacted in fury when Greenpeace activists stormed the International Petroleum Exchange yesterday afternoon.

22 thoughts on “Ooh, excellent, are they going to try the oil exchange next?”

  1. I’m reminded of when a female Sun reporter got herself on the trading floor of the London Stock Exchange. She was held for ransom which the paper paid.

  2. Do the protestors ever wonder why energy is so expensive?

    They are responsible, because the Fake Tories are terrified of upsetting one single person, ever. And so we on this island will not use our natural resources but stick up thousands of bird munchers which can only supply a small percentage of what we need and never when we really need it. Don’t get me started on solar…

  3. Watched the bit of the eviction provided in the article.

    Poorly executed. Not nearly enough ballistic component. 3/10, needs more sincerity and spirit.

  4. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    This stuff can change the course of history. Imagine the headline in the Roman New Times:

    “Disruptive prophet thrown out of moneychangers quarters”

  5. “The customers clapped as we were picked up and taken outside”

    I think you might have missed the point of the applause there, Swampy.

  6. The only thing the Salt Bae waitresses did wrong, was to gently lower the female moron to the pavement, though ladies will be ladies, I suppose. Personally, I would have just dropped her – “Oh, sorry. You were so heavy I just couldn’t carry you any more.”
    If you compare that video to those showing how the French, both Police and ordinary citizens, deal with these people, I think it shows that we are too polite in this country.

  7. “May day” protestors got onto the LIFFE floor a decade back too, to stage a sit down protest in the pits. They got filing cabinets thrown at them by the traders.

  8. ‘Do the protestors ever wonder why energy is so expensive?’ Don’t get me going on this Grist. I’ll rant for hours!!

    And I must agree the waitresses were most polite Penseivat. I’d have been tempted to just chuck her straight out through the door.

  9. If you compare that video to those showing how the French, both Police and ordinary citizens, deal with these people, I think it shows that we are too polite in this country.
    Too right. I didn’t witness what proceeded it but when I walked past there was a mass of Roma women sitting on the pavement outside Lille-Flandres rail station being attended to by the police heavy mob. They were cracking them on the head with gun butts & dragging them off by the hair. Whilst the French were walking by ignoring it.
    I’d seen something similar in Les Halles in Paris some years before. I was having a cup of coffee with a friend when we watched the CRS in para-boots & black leather gloves prodding a posse of Africans along with sub-machine gun barrels. She’s the sort of L’Humanité reader I’d expect to object to that sort of thing but her explanation was “They’re black. They’re not wanted in here.”

  10. On the other hand, when the truckers had gridlocked Bordeaux solid the police were standing around chatting with the drivers whilst the cafe proprietors were bringing them out coffee & baguettes & car occupants trapped in it all were sharing the bonhomie. In France there are popular protests & unpopular.

  11. Alas, no exchange floors anymore.

    What that story leaves out is an amusing detail. The “activists” stormed the IPE floor the day (or the day after, I can’t remember which) the exchange announced that the floor would be closing. So the lads were slightly pissed off to begin with. Not that they wouldn’t have gotten stomped regardless, but no doubt the bad timing ensured that the beatdown was particularly brutal.

  12. I’m triggered by that image of the male holding the door open for the women.

    The response by the restaurant was so good I wonder if there wasn’t a plan in expectation of this tossery. Having the invaders calmly, carefully yet firmly removed by the waitresses was brilliant. No martyrdom for the little fascists, no police involvement, no legal comeback on the staff or business. The twats left looking like twats.

    – “The woman kept giving me really dirty looks just for being there.”


  13. Pretty calm removal. Appears to be completely cooperative between the waitresses and the young lady being removed. In younger days I once saw a noisy guy similarly carried out of a bar, but entirely unwillingly, and no one held the door open. Instead his head was used. Rather hard. No cheering. Just shrugging.

  14. ‘tougher than police would do it’

    Yes. That’s why criminals aren’t supposed to fight the police – because coppers are there for their protection as much as the victim’s.

    Because if the victims (or their families) get involved you might avoid prison – but you’ll never walk again.

  15. Canning Town made me proud to be British.
    In what other countries would they have been dragged of the train roofs, then left alone, rather than been given a thorough kicking? English Politeness at it’s best.

  16. Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gokce

    He’s Turkish.
    Remember when Turks drove out ferals with knives and cleavers during the 2011 riots? The authorities seem to allow non-Europeans a latitude they don’t allow the British.

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