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Padlocks, padlocks, that’s the solution

I’d leave Just Stop Oil protesters on gantries but I’m not allowed, says Met chief
Sir Mark Rowley blames MPs for leaving a ‘grey space’ about what is lawful and what is disruption as activists cause further disruption

Highways Agency says no. Because of the wrong incentives of course. HA only gets shouted at over deaths on the road, not traffic flow. So, the remote chance of death from distraction worries them more than it should.

The solution is obviously, obviously.

The chief of the Metropolitan Police has said he would like to be able to leave anti-fossil fuel protestors hanging from motorway gantries, but that he is not allowed to.

They hang themselves up there, so padlock them to where they’re hanging. Then leave them. Be a month before any bits drop off to worry the passing motorists.

10 thoughts on “Padlocks, padlocks, that’s the solution”

  1. What about the fuckers clogging up London’s roads, supported and protected by this cunt’s thick lazy Plod? The same Plod who threatened a driver who pipped his horn at the eco-freaks?

    My apologies to BLM. Defund the police.

  2. Right idea but a week too late.

    Being padlocked to a gantry during the last few nights of fossil fuel induced “global warming” might have made a lasting impression on Cressida and Tarquin.

  3. I understand MC’s attitude and I’m totally pissed off with these loonies (wearing hi-viz vests and telling others not to use oil!). But I don’t have a problem with the police (apart from the wanker threatening the driver who hooted his horn). The average Old Bill upholding the Law is fine with me. It’s the law makers who need to get real. I understand upholding the right to protest but not if it stops people going about their business.

  4. The Highways Agency needs to be told in no uncertain terms that its priority is for traffic to get from where it is to where it wants to go. Coming home last week up the M1, on the ~100 miles between Northampton and Sheffield I was slowed on 5 occasions to 40mph by the variable speed limit with 3 out of 4 lanes closed due to “workforce in road”. On each occasion there were one or two vehicles parked on the hard shoulder with orange flashing lights on the top and that was it. To make matters worse, for 6 metres (?) of Transit van parked on the hard shoulder, there were up to 4 miles of these camera-enforced restrictions. It cost me something like 15 minutes, plus some non-zero amount of petrol. Multiply that up by the thousands of people affected for no benefit whatsoever.

  5. The cops aren’t interested in Rafe gluing himself to roads and runways to stop other people going about their lawful business, and we already know they’re not interested in children being raped by stunningly diverse grooming gangs.

    Every single policeman with no exceptions is a fat coward who wants to “check your thinking” on transgender issues, and basically NWA did nothing wrong.

    Lions. Glorious African lions.

  6. ‘… Be a month before any bits drop off to worry the passing motorists.’

    Sling nets underneath, but in fact the crows will get most of the soft, squishy bits. They start with the eyeballs – a crow-delicacy apparently.

  7. Most predators will start with eyeballs, because no eyeballs mean its unlikely their prey can escape*. Watch a sparrowhawk on a pigeon.

    * of course, that doesn’t apply if the prey is already dead, but the behaviour is instinctive

  8. “Sling nets underneath, but in fact the crows will get most of the soft, squishy bits.”
    Speaking as a convertible driver I’d rather not get peppered with maggots every time I pass under a motorway gantry. But I’m willing to suffer it in a good cause…

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