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Rilly? Mr. Word

US prosecutors are reportedly investigating FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried for fraud

The news can be so surprising these days……

12 thoughts on “Rilly? Mr. Word”

  1. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    The news can be so surprising these days……

    Actually, the news that a wealthy, well-connected big-time Democrat donor is being investigated IS surprising, given the whorehouse that Merrick Garland has made of the DOJ.

  2. If the Sacklers can get away with the hundreds of thousands of oxy deaths, SBF will skate easily.

    Noticing is of course required.

  3. Why does Credit Suisse get a pass?

    Why is Credit Suisse’s recent $88 billion bankrun, which used Fed-ECB currency swap lines to stem, not newsworthy?

    Is it because you’re just 2D partisan political hacks focusing on pennies while the real fraudsters are raking in trillions?

  4. End of 3rd quarter 2022 CS had 1,400 Bn CHF assets under management; the 84Bn CHF outflow represents ~6% of AUM. Note these are managed assets leaving, so CS loses the management fee – not (as in FTX) own-account “investments” that turned out to be worthless.
    CS is expected to lose up to 1.5Bn CHF in the fourth quarter – that’s not great news, but against tangible shareholder equity of 39.8 Bn CHF, it’s hardly going to sink them. Compare and contrast to an $8Bn hole in FTX’s claimed $14Bn equity.

  5. Ah… Seems the Bahamas have arrested him, even though he was supposed to give a statement by video on tuesday..

    Coincidence, much?

  6. Oh, I suppose I might mention that no CS depositors have lost so much as a centime. Again, compare and contrast to FTX.
    Then fuck off.

  7. Dcardno, would CS be bankrupt without Fed swapline support?

    Was SBF’s mistake just not being big enough to merit state support?

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