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Robert Townsend had the right idea

Wanted: “An interpersonally talented and strategic bridge builder … responsible for establishing and maintaining the highest levels of Lived Experience Practice and amplifying the voice of those using services within decision-making of all levels of the organisation”. Salary: £110-£115,000 per annum, full time.

If there’s a hiring or staff issue that cannot be dealt with by a manager and or their PA then get yourself another manager.

5 thoughts on “Robert Townsend had the right idea”

  1. If the nhs is so awash with cash it can afford quarter-million-quid non-jobs (don’t forget all the employers’ job tax, pension contributions, private health care (a diversity manager isn’t going to slum it in the nhs!), other benefits) then it clearly doesn’t need any more from us taxpayers.

    The nurses should be directing their demands at the nhs management too, were theirs not a blatantly political action.

  2. What BiW says. I have never understood why the doctors/nurses/paramedics demand that the government negotiates with them rather than the NHS, with it’s masses of managers, which is their employer. It can only be political.

  3. We could make a start by abolishing the Department of Health. Since Lansley devolved the power to NHSEngland, NHS Providers, NHS ICSs, hospital trusts, etc etc they have no responsibilities. Let the Treasury dole out the money to the equality and diversity managers.

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