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Seems a bit odd

Hospitals told to free up beds for ambulance strike

How will the ill people get there?

16 thoughts on “Seems a bit odd”

  1. TMB,
    That van driver will then be liable for obscene parking charges or a fine for stopping outside the hospital doors while the driver tries to find a wheelchair or some other moveable device.I
    As John says, “The envy of the world”.

  2. It’s the NHS which is a mystical, magical religion in which miracles and wonders occur hourly. One must never question, just accept – it’s free after all.

    As an aside… the mindless blobs who meekly complied with the diktats from the No 10 Führerbunker and hid under their beds for two years with their faces covered, pocketing the furlough payments or on full pay, are now protesting the inevitable, clearly foreseeable economic disaster their cowardice and collaboration caused – they should, like all the strikers, have a 50% pay cut, be flogged and set to work ploughing fields manually until they drop.

  3. How will they ‘free up’ beds?

    There are insufficient care/respite home places available presently to accommodate all the so-called bed-blockers, i.e., people who need post-hospital care before they are able to return to their homes.

    Will they be thrown out onto the street? No surprises if this happens – the callous bureaucratic mindset dictating medical policy doesn’t have an ounce of humanity in it.

  4. During the strike there will be fewer ambulances in uswe, not none. NHS wants to unload them quicker so that they can go out again and collect more patients.
    That makes sense.
    What doesNOT make sense isthat they are not doing this all the time so that we get headlines of queues many hours long.

  5. … that we get headlines of queues many hours long.

    TikTok dance routines don’t just choreograph themselves.

  6. How will they ‘free up’ beds?

    Potassium chloride.

    Recommended reading how to do it: Quite Ugly One Morning by Christopher Brookmyre

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