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So, anyone know anyone at British International Investment?

These laddies.

They’re advertising for a corporate comms bod. Which isn’t a job I want in the slightest. But I do have an idea about how they can gain a lot of very cost effective corporate comms.

Build a little network of editors and columns across the English language newspapers of these varied countries. My own experience – after 5 years now writing in Bangladesh – is that such local newspapers just love having reasonably decent copy. There’s no point in writing for them for the cash they might pay because that’s a) trivial and b) damn hard to get out of the place. But if such a – call it a syndicated column, why not – were paid for by the corporate comms department then that would provide lots of corporate comms.

Now all I need is someone to pay for that corporate comms. I know it’s possible build the syndicate……

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