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So this is the official view here

World council on the subject in fact:

The adolescent had at least 12 months of
gender-affirming hormone therapy or longer, if
required, to achieve the desired surgical result
for gender-affirming procedures, including
breast augmentation, orchiectomy, vaginoplasty,
hysterectomy, phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, and
facial surgery as part of gender-affirming treatment unless hormone therapy is either not
desired or is medically contraindicated.

So, err, yes. They are saying that chopping the tits off teenage birds is just fine. If they really want it.


13 thoughts on “So this is the official view here”

  1. Fucks sake Tim.
    I had to Google a couple of those because I had no idea what they were. Now I need mind bleach and several stiff drinks.
    Wtf is wrong with doctors?

  2. The Other Bloke in ItalyM

    Cherny raises an excellent point.

    Some medics have been for decades now been cheerfully killing babies in their wombs.

    For some time now others have been chopping important bits off confused youngsters.

    It appears that in Canada at least, euthanasia is inching closer to compulsion.

    The recent injections, good or bad, should have been opposed by the medical profession on first principles, let alone the restrictions.

    I am going to put more effort into avoiding doctors until I have been dead for at least a week.

  3. Even the harmless bits , they get wrong:

    “We recommend all members of the health care workforce receive cultural-knowledge training focused on treating transgender and gender diverse individuals with dignity during orientation and as part of annual or continuing education.”

    Why not simply

    We recommend all members of the health care workforce receive cultural-knowledge training focused on treating individuals with dignity during orientation and as part of annual or continuing education.”

    Then it works for everyone.. Chapter 4 has several of these evil incantations.


    Tim’s quote is from Section 6, devoted to Adolescents. Itstarts thus:

  4. Gah.

    It starts thus:
    “Specialized health care for transgender adoles-
    cents began in the 1980s when a few specialized
    gender clinics for youth were developed around
    the world that served relatively small numbers
    of children and adolescents. In more recent years,
    there has been a sharp increase in the number
    of adolescents requesting gender care (Arnoldussen
    et al., 2019; Kaltiala, Bergman et al., 2020). Since
    then, new clinics have been founded, but clinical
    services in many places have not kept pace with
    the increasing number of youth seeking care.
    Hence, there are often long waitlists for services,
    and barriers to care exist for many transgender
    youth around the world (Tollit et al., 2018).”

    You will note that in this introductory paragraph, setting the scene, there is no indication whatsoever that the explanation of the sharp increase may be down to something other than needing to have their tits, disks or other various underbids chopped off. It’s simply – from the wording – taken as evidence there must be more.

    Nor is there anywhere where it’s noted that adolescents may not have the best judgment on/for anything – at least, not that I saw in a quick scan of the whole disgusting thing.

  5. Anything on the psychological maturity of humans under 18 (or under age 35, for that matter) to make permanent, life-changing decisions?

    I’ve literally met women who told me they’re single and childless because “I was an idiot when I was 32.” And that mistake didn’t involve genital mutilation.

  6. WTF’s a “waitlist”? You mean wait*ING* list. You form adjectives from a verb by using the gerud. That it, for Amercians or the hard of thinking (but I repeat myself), the -ING form.

    eat*ING* tools, not eat tools
    dig*ING* tools, not dig tools
    serv*ING* staff, not serve staff
    read*ING* glasses, not read glasses
    mutilat*ING* surgery, not mutilate surgery

  7. @jgh: serv*ING* staff, not serve staff

    Unfortunately “wait staff” is a standard phrase amongst the heathen.

  8. I am suffering daily trauma, having been born into a poor body, not a rich one. Why isn’t the NHS fixing this problem for me?

  9. And boys… ‘… including breast augmentation, orchiectomy, vaginoplasty’. That’s boob implants, removal of testes and construction of a vagina using a respected penis.

  10. Chernyy wins the thread

    But on a more serious level, I can’t decide whether this is descent into madness or actual evil. Maybe both. Perhaps evil is largely humanity’s capacity to group think its way into these self-destructive cul-de-sacs (one would think we’ve seen enough of them over the last century to get the memo, but apparently not)

    On a personal level I’d quite like to be outside the blast radius. I hear Elon is making plans for Mars… Sounds less bonkers by the day

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