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Socialist efficiency

……the city has lost 60,000 residents in the past five years……has become dirtier and uglier and more dangerous……break a campaign promise by slapping a 50 per cent property tax hike on residents to avoid bankruptcy…… ran up debts of €7.7 billion (£6.7 billion)…….There are more civil servants in Paris than in the European Commission,” he added, pointing out that the figure now surpassed the 50,000-mark.

That last is 2.5^ of the population. Which is pretty high. This is also pretty normal for socialism, no? High taxes, vast debts, to make the place smaller and worse. Yes, very socialist.

8 thoughts on “Socialist efficiency”

  1. What they really need is a supine uniparty that passes multi-trillion Covid relief, infrastructure and build back better spending bills and then shamelessly uses the funds to bale out bankrupt left-wing led cities and states.

    Mind you that won’t stop the exodus of indigenous taxpayers but just look at all the diversity.

  2. ‘… has become dirtier and uglier and more dangerous…’

    Quite an achievement for what was already a shit hole.

  3. Also normal for socialism is to get everyone on the government payroll. E. Germany had over 10% of the population receiving money from the secret police depending on how trustworthy their records were of course.

  4. Otto.. 60.000 that were officially living there…
    And most of those are leaving because of the ones that live there unofficially.

    Mind… Lutetia has always had this problem. So has Londinium, but that place had the decency to burn down enough every other century to displace all the rats.

  5. “We’ll always have Paris.” Or not, as the case may be.

    Well placed bombs could make Paris sink into the old mine tunnels beneath it. The fact that this hasn’t been done suggests to me that there aren’t really huge armies of Moslem terrorists keen to rush on and destroy western civilisation.

    They’re in no rush at all.

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