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Gas props up supplies as weather conditions depress renewable sources

Sorta the basic problem, isn’t it. Weather depresses the very thing we desire to get through the weather.

8 thoughts on “Subhead”

  1. Headline-writers normally use “as” to create the impression of causation between tenuously linked stories, like “Markets down as PM gives speech”. This is a rare use of “as” to play down the link.

  2. Gas is consistently the single largest element of our energy mix (electricity generation and heating) and no wind equals no electricity, no matter how many bloody bird choppers they put up.

    At the mo: Demand 40Gw. 11,091 Wind turbines = 1GW* :

    A better headline would read “Welcome to reality folks – we told you wind was bloody useless”

    *Possibly up to 0.3G from unmetered sources.

  3. Their argument goes, “climate change is making the weather more extreme an unpredictable”.
    Their solution is to insist we survive on solar and wind energy that is fundamentally weather dependent. Hmmmmm …….

  4. R4 was absolutely bog awful on this this morning. The interviewer did at least ask – the very first time I have heard this asked – whether renewables were unreliable. The chap from National Grid just couldn’t bring himself to run with it and say “Well… DUH!”

    He then minced his way through explaining that they were warming up coal fired power stations to cope with the load and did manage to explain that they take some time to warm up so they need to start doing this 24 hours in advance of a potential suppply mismatch.

    The interviewer was then taking him to task for burning coal. FFS! do you want power or not?

  5. In my old stomping ground residents are having a free sample of their carbon-free future, as the gas mains have been flooded and about 2000 homes have been without gas for a week.

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