An EU-funded study found evidence of widespread criminal, risky and delinquent behaviour among the 16-19 age group in nine European countries including the UK.

A survey of 8,000 young people found that one in four have tracked or trolled someone online, one in eight have engaged in online harassment, one in 10 have engaged in hate speech or hacking, one in five have engaged in sexting and one in three have engaged in digital piracy. It also found that four out of 10 have watched pornography.

Teens are being teens and no doubt the EU will now pass laws trying to stop them being so.


11 thoughts on “Terrors”

  1. Those figures for piracy and pornography seem way light to me. What percentage of teenagers lie to people conducting a study?

  2. Ah, risky *online* behaviour, it turns out to be.

    Do they still do all that stuff like fighting and drugs and tube-train surfing?

  3. The only fact you can obtain from a survey is that a question was answered. Whether it was truthful or not can not be determined at the time.
    In the 80’s, there was a national survey on the percentage of children who had watched video nasties. Over 60% claimed to have seen titles which did not exist.
    Without corroborating evidence, polls and statistics are a waste of time. Anyway, everyone knows that 67.2% of statistics are made up.

  4. Philip…. About twice a week this blog features and article that does exactly the same thing, expecting the same results about Truthfulness/Validity that is Entirely British.
    Usually in the Guardian, but the Telegraph has form in this type of pantytwisting as well.

    Pot. Kettle.

    And as RlJ says: the numbers for those two are ridiculously low and untruthful. For pr0n it should be about 8/10 ( 99% of males in that age bracket, and a lot of women who are playing Innocent and Pure ), and for “Piracy” it’d be close to 100% by the legal/copyright definition.

  5. Yes, I think the only thing we learnt from this survey is is that the EU wasted money on surveys.

    Does it break down by country? I’m wondering if there are a few big ones that pull down the porn average.

  6. Ditto “hate speech”, Grikath. Aside from the fact that it’s practically impossible to avoid (not using the n-word is one thing, but call the wrong bloke “him” and you’re bloody Hitler reincarnate), if the busybodies have successfully managed to get kids to stop calling each other “spaz” and “mong” because it Isn’t Nice, then I despair for our future even more than I already did.

  7. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    If you are implying the 40% of alleged non pr0n users are Nouveau French of a certain confession, I’ve a bridge over some swampland.

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