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That abortion thing

We’d also suggest something else educative on this subject. We’d suggest not trying this sort of speech on female ancestors. These subjects of sex, contraception, abortion, a mother, pretty much by definition if you’re coming back from college, has been dealing with these for a couple of decades. Her mother for a generation longer than that, again by definition. That second generation might well have – of a late child say – started playing the whole game before Roe v Wade even. If we take both sides of female ancestry that might be around over the holidays there could well be a century’s worth of direct and lived experience of these issues. Add in the men – we’ve heard rumor that they are sometimes involved here – and it could be as much as 200 years worth of experience.

Here is someone back from a year or two of the right classes at college and a tear out from Teen Vogue to tell everyone how to do it right. Actually, we’d say go for it at this point. We’re fans of that old folk adage “Don’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs.” Fans because the reaction when it is attempted can really be one of those significantly educational moments.

4 thoughts on “That abortion thing”

  1. “They actually are suggesting that around the tree, over the presents, the talk should be brought around to the subject of abortion.”

    What about over Christmas dinner? “You see, Uncle, the turkey is the pelvic girdle, and that lump of stuffing is what we call the ‘product of conception’. Well, we take this fork, and gently, so as not to damage the turkey…”

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