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That’s different

Disgraced congressman-elect George Santos claimed mother had died twice

It’s normally Grannies that have the multiple interments, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “That’s different”

  1. The headline use of disgraced, not a word they would dream of using when referring to a woman, person of colour, democrat etc, by what passes for a mainstream British publication shows how far left the Overton Window has lurched.

  2. He might well have had two mothers. His parents could’ve been lesbians or trans or something.

    Honestly such naked bigotry. I bet this is playing havoc with his periods.

  3. As always.. Let’s hold the same magnifying glass to every currently elected federal or state official in New York. And the runners-up to be Complete.

    Hmmm.. Anyone got shares in the popcorn manufacturing industry?

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