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The Guardian’s full of shit again

Children born outside UK to British parents in same-sex couples left ‘stateless’
British nationals and EU spouses say they were told by Home Office that children born abroad are not eligible for British citizenship

So, apparently the UK is discriminating against kiddies born to same sex couples. Except that’s not the case:

Children born outside the UK to a British parent in a same-sex relationship are being left stateless by the Home Office, the Guardian has learned.

British nationals and their EU spouses say they have been told by the department that children born abroad to a British parent who was also born outside the UK are not eligible for British citizenship. If the UK is unwilling to issue documentation, this has the added effect of leaving some children stateless in cases of EU countries that don’t recognise two mothers.

The British rules apply regardless of the sex (or gender) of the other parent. They are not discriminatory in that respect. Some other countries are discriminatory in that respect. But what in buggery has that to do with British law?

10 thoughts on “The Guardian’s full of shit again”

  1. Caroline de Gruyter is a Dutch author, Europe correspondent and columnist for NRC Handelsblad

    I have noticed that the kind of dessicating wine box hags who read the Guardian do like to live vicariously through other, more famous, stupid cows.

  2. I must admit I occasionally looked through the Graun during the pandemic when there was a shortage of bogroll, but only to see if I could find a Toynbee piece which gave some small, strange satisfaction.

    But I soon realised that it’s not capable of being super-saturated…

  3. Complete bollocks. Anybody in the entire world is eligible to apply for British citizenship. They have to abide by all the rules of application, just like anybody else, no special cases, exectly the same as my wife from Hong Kong.

    What they mean is: a foreign child born in a foreign land of a foreign parent is not a British citizen. Yeah, so what. That’s standard blood *AND* soil birthright. Do they really expect that, eg, a chinaman born in Chain of chinese parents is a British citizen?

  4. Do they really expect that, eg, a chinaman born in Chain of chinese parents is a British citizen?

    Yes, obviously. 1.1m visas a year and rising.

  5. “The Guardian’s Full Of Shit Again”

    Not at all Tim. See for example this important and informative article; the rankings will no doubt be the subject of heated discussions today in bars up and down the UK

    The 100 best female footballers in the world 2022 – Nos 100-71

  6. From what I could glean from the article, the Graun’s studiously avoided mentioning which of the putative mothers the child’s actually been born to.
    Transparent & informing…hardly.

  7. Steve: The 2021 Census statistics have been trickling out, and there are three Output Areas in Sheffield around the university that are 75%+ Chinese. And from experience, they are mainlanders, not proper Chinese.

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