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They really mean this too

Mermaids is refusing to let staff see a report into ousted boss Susie Green’s leadership because there are not “safe spaces” in which to read it.

Physically safe spaces in which folk can read it.

13 thoughts on “They really mean this too”

  1. BiFR

    So true – plus there’s never a quiet moment with the loo attendant forever clattering about and reloading the tampon dispenser in the Gents.

  2. Green’s son liked playing with girly things so she thought he was really a girl (!) and used puberty blockers and finally surgery (castration) in Thailand when the poor boy was 16. And somehow this is not homophobia (nor child abuse) but very progressive and should be used on any child who is obviously gay. Just as in Iran.

  3. They are many things, BiS. Parasites, being a subset of predators, being one of them.

    One can only hope they thoroughly self-destruct, with their ashes scattered to the winds.

  4. @Smithy

    +1 on Iran. Been saying this for years: Gov’t implementing RoP sharia law by back door

    Normalising cover your face, you’re dirty, close churches but not mosques…

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