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They’re really buying into it, aren’t they?

When asked if he would apologise to the delayed patients, Sean Irish, 25, who was leading Just Stop Oil’s protest, did so and said “disruption is obviously a consequence”.

Mr Irish added: “They got through, we hope their treatment goes really well but there’s no liveable future on a dead planet.”

There’s entirely nothing about climate change – or anything else we’re doing to the environment – which is going to lead to a “dead planet”. But there’s no fun in working on the occasional chronic problem at all, it only gets exciting when it’s millennial eschatology.

5 thoughts on “They’re really buying into it, aren’t they?”

  1. Millenarian, I think.

    There have always been such cultists, who believe in the Coming of the Great White Handkerchief. I think it has a lot of preChristian and Pagan versions too, so we can’t just blame it on John the Evangelist.

    These are the direct successors of the old school CNDers, the difference being that it has become politically expedient for all shades of socialist to believe in it. Hence the current mess that we are in now.

  2. Given that for the vast majority of the earth’s history, both temperatures and CO2 levels have been higher than the current levels, at times significantly so, including for the last 200 million years when mammals have been in existence, the likelihood of the planet dying due to an increase in temperature or CO2 is effectively zero. In fact, the opposite is true, the times when temperatures were highest are referred to as Climate Optima precisely because those were the times when the planet was healthiest and abundant.

    That these ignorami peddle the dying planet garbage shows that this is nothing to do with science or the climate.

  3. They aren’t a trade union, are they. So they can be sued for loss of life due to their actions. Popcorn on standby, I hope it’s a murder trial – after all, their actions are premeditated.

  4. @jgh
    The problem is that you have to get TPTB to care and charge them. Our current lot not only don’t care, they actually support the crimes. Any private court action is thrown out on “standing” issues. Best course of action is to follow the French and chuck them out of the way.

  5. 1000AD and 2000AD have rolled around and the world has not ended and the second coming has not happened.
    You’d think that in both cases the howls and prophesies would stop at the millennium. But according to the classic study by Norman Cohn it just got louder after 1000AD and didn’t disappear until 1037. So we’ve got to put up with the nonsense for a while yet.

    (Incidentally Cohn records the start of millennial craziness at about 960. Modern equivalent would be the Club of Rome report. The parallels are exact.)

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