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This amuses

The American progressive middle classes don;t know how to act properly

How Much Should You Give Your Nanny As A Year-End Bonus?
If you employ domestic workers such as nannies, housecleaners or home-care aides, show them they’re valued with a year-end cash bonus.

That’s why Huffington Post has to give them lessons on how to deal with the servants.

Very progressive.

8 thoughts on “This amuses”

  1. Never seen an article like that on Fox or Breitbart.

    Also, the New York Times building is one of the few blocks in Manhattan where I never see homeless people on the corner. Would kinda cramp their style, you see.

  2. In America we go one of two ways – upper class wannabes ‘hire’ domestic servants and then basically enslave them and everyone else just pays a decent wage up front and doesn’t worry about bonuses.

  3. When Fanny Trollope was in the US she hired a servant to come round on Mondays to do the washing. The servant brought her slave.

  4. Umm, middle class people don’t tend to have nannies – more like upper-middle or highly upper-middle class before you get there. But then, the left-wing media do live in a bubble. Favorite example (from a while back, admittedly) – Hollywood put out a movie titled “Ordinary People” in which one of the “OP” living in Chicago said “but we always go to London for Christmas”. Yeah, they’re in touch with “ordinary people”.

  5. ‘ progressive middle classes don;t know how to act properly’

    Well they never learned to use a knife and fork properly… if you can’t master the little manners you won’t master the greater ones.

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