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This is fun

A mother has admitted killing her 16-year-old daughter by allowing her to get morbidly obese.

Teenager Kaylea Titford died from health problems linked to her obesity. She was found in bed by her mother at the family home in Newtown, Powys, Wales, in Oct 2020.

Father Alun Titford, 44, and mother Sarah Lloyd-Jones, 39, were charged with gross negligence manslaughter and causing or allowing the death of a child or vulnerable person


So, parents are responsible for a 16 year old getting so fat they die. Duty of care, child not competent alone etc.

Teenagers as young as 15 will be able to begin the process of legally changing their sex after MSPs blocked a last-ditch bid to exclude children from Nicola Sturgeon’s transgender reforms.

The SNP government on Tuesday rejected pleas to make meaningful concessions to critics of its controversial proposals, as a minister confirmed that Scots would become eligible to apply to change their legal sex on the day of their 16th birthday.

Ignorants of the same age will be able to set themselves up to have their knackers cut off.

Yes, well done there.

12 thoughts on “This is fun”

  1. It’s all about normalising paedophilia (and the vast amounts of money made from the initial and ongoing medical requirements of trans “treatments).

    We’re at the first stages of it.
    “Children should be allowed to decide to chop their bits off!”

    Give it a few years, once this has been “normalised”, the messaging will morph into
    “Children are allowed to chop their bits off, so why shouldn’t they be allowed to have creepy fun time with noncey perverts? Lower age of consent!”

    The West is dying. The inmates are running the asylum and degenerates are running amok.

  2. I think it shows the Welsh are not as stupid as the Scots. Previously demonstrated by one demanding independence (that seemed far from it).

  3. I think it shows the Welsh are not as stupid as the Scots.

    Nonsense. They vote for that fascistic cretin drakeford.

  4. I wonder if a 15 year old trans kid who goes through with the whole surgery shebang would be eligible for a Darwin Award? Stupid person ensuring that there is no possibility of breeding.

  5. Presumably a caponised child would be even more obese: “No pudding for you until you finish your five dinners!”

  6. “The West is dying”

    All part of Klaus Schwab’s plan, and since the “Climate Change” etc scaremongering bollocks isn’t working fast enough, another method is needed to bring about the end of pesky human life*.

    * Except for Klaus and his buddies, obviously…

  7. As a believer in a full adult citizen franchise, that means I consider 16-year-olds in Scotland to be full adult citizens, and be liable as an adult for contract fraud, be tried in adult courts, thrown in adult prisons, be shot at as adult soldiers, and, yes, have full adult powers over their own body to destroy it any way they wish. At the same time that neccessitates losing *ALL* and *EVERY* right and protection of being a child.

  8. Well, we’re off to a bad start in blaming obesity for Kaylea’s death. She had spina bifida and used a wheelchair, which means she was particularly prone to getting pressure sores. It seems she developed extensive pressure sores which got infected and died as a result of the infection. Ordinarily, you don’t get pressure sores because staying in one position becomes uncomfortable and you move (even while you’re asleep). But when you have an inability to move (or an inability to feel the discomfort), you’re at risk of developing pressure sores. This can occur due to some form of paralysis, being in a coma, etc. In Kaylea’s case, she was living with her parents who should have known and been used to the dangers.

    The death was caused by spina bifida, leading to pressure sores, leading to infection, which caused death. The death could have been avoided by getting timely treatment for the infection, or by treating or preventing the pressure sores by ensuring Kaylea was not excessively in the same position. The obesity may have made some of this more difficult, but did not cause the death. That is why the aritcle says “linked to” rather that “caused by”.

    It’s also not clear if there was some mental impairment. Kaylea also had hydrocephalus. Both hydrocephalus and spina bifida are correlated with brain impairments.

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