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This is true, even if not politic

Kanye West said there “were good things about Hitler” as he appeared on alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s InfoWars show on Thursday.

The disgraced rapper wore a full black face mask as he said the Nazi leader deserved some praise, in the latest in a long line of disturbing and hateful anti-semitic comments.

West, known by his stage name Ye, told Jones: “I see good things about Hitler (…) This guy [Adolf Hitler] that invented highways and invented the very microphone that I use as a musician, you can’t say out loud that this person ever did anything good. I’m done with that,” he continued. “Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.”

West has expressed a slew of anti-semitic opinions in recent weeks.

Didn’t know about the microphone and doubt it somehow. But the basic line there is true and it’s also not antisemitic to say so. It could be antisemitic to say that this makes up for what he did to the Jews and it certainly would be if were used to say that it’s a justification.

But Hitler got the autobahns built. Autobahns are good things. Yes, and?

As to Mr. West more generally, my opinion – and given the distance from which I’m viewing all of this not much of one – is that someone needs to adjust his meds. There has been some known mental stress there before. A bit more diagnosis and tweaking of the drug regime might be a very good idea indeed.

20 thoughts on “This is true, even if not politic”

  1. No, leave his meds alone. Here’s a black celebrity who wears “White Lives Matter” t-shirts. The effect on the Guardian and other tossers is so glorious that I’m willing to forgive him everything for that.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    But Hitler got the autobahns built. Autobahns are good things. Yes, and?

    Cars go on autobahns and cars burn fossil fuels, ergo autobahns are bad things so their inventor must be evil.

    Also, Hitler is responsible for the VW, VW’s run on fossil fuels and VWs allow plebs to go where they want when they want, ergo their inventor is double evil.

  3. I’d disagree with the labelling of Alec Jones’ Info Wars as being alt-right. He’s made a living out of platforming people with weird & wonderful ideas & big on conspiracy theories. Since most of them relate to the information the public’s fed by their governments & establishments & those generally have had a leftwards slant in recent years they’re generally anti-the left consensus. But Alec Jones’ political posture could better be described as alt-money.
    I think you could probably say the same about Kayne West’s political posture.
    It’s similar to our beloved P³. I’ve long suspected the man’s a gig. His “opinions” are crafted for the audience he exploits. What his personal preferences apart from the loot are, who knows?

  4. Hitler is responsible for the VW,
    I currently own a VW.
    Let’s just say that my experience with VW’s is not in the slightest likely to make me pro-Hitler

  5. On the other hand Uncle Dolfo, thanks for the autobahnen. I’ve often found Germany occupying the space between me & where I want to go. They enable me to cross it quickly & thankfully without needing to stop.

  6. Ah, that game of “What did the Nazis ever do for us”.
    – revived a demoralised and bankrupt nation in a very short time
    – invested in new technology such as aircraft, radio and TV
    – banned vivisection on live animals
    – founded Europe’s first nature reserves
    – organised the nation’s youth to have healthy, outdooor activities with comrades their own age.
    – held a really modern Olympics with the first torch run from Greece
    Etc etc.

  7. Just seen this comment on Twitter

    Kanye’s manager about to explain to him that the Sudetenland doesn’t exist any more so, no, he can’t start his next European tour there.

  8. Tim

    I think your comment is obviously unarguable. It’s also twenty years ouof date in that it carries the presumption that speech should be free. That hasn’t been true in higher education for decades! And the number of even post grads who’d argue a person should be free to defend Hitler word be well under 5% of students UK or US wide. These people are utter morons – I should know. We have enough of them in the recent grad intakes…

  9. On the Meds bit…..

    Seems “Ye” has managed to get himself banned from Twatter again after just a couple of days.
    And I have to admit.. posting a Swastika over a David’s Star is a tad… confrontational. And bound to get you into trouble in most places.

  10. Joey Vimsante The Poet

    Hitler was pure evil. He killed 6.l million Jews including women and. Children.
    Hitler also started a war that killed tens of millions.
    Hitler was one of the most evil people in history.

  11. ‘… and invented the very microphone,,,’

    I think Michael Faraday would have something to say about that if he were alive, for it was he who invented electromagnetism, the basic technology of microphones and speakers – and electricity generation.

    Autobahns were built to move military equipment and troops quickly and directly. I think the Romans were the first on that one.

  12. – invested in new technology such as aircraft, radio and TV
    The Nazis got into power in 1933. Aircraft and radio were not new in 1933.

    – banned vivisection on live animals. You mean the bastards allowed vivisection of dead animals? Schweinhunden!

    – organised the nation’s youth to have healthy, outdoor activities with comrades their own age. Baden Powell.

  13. Presumably, Mr Way-Out-West was referring (knowingly or not) to Heir Hitler’s pioneering propaganda use of the microphone. One mad, cunning and ignorant gobshite acknowledging another.

  14. WKPD tells me that the mic was invented by a German chap who worked for Edison.

    Edison didn’t invent the light bulb either.

    But, by God, he seemed to run an effective lab.

  15. Kanye is close to an important point with “Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table” but he misses it. There is a fallacy that people are totally consistent with regard to good and evil, so someone like Hitler has no good points at all, but the great harm in that fallacy lies in it operating the other way around – people know that someone does some good, so they believe they can therefore do no evil. That allows a lot of people to get away with very bad things.

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