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This strained the inventiveness of the lyricists then

In 2018, a YouTube video of Big Bang members Taeyang and Daesung performing their megahits “Bang Bang Bang”

Lemme guess, it contained the line “My Bang Bang Bang, it’s Big”?

12 thoughts on “This strained the inventiveness of the lyricists then”

  1. Give BigBang a chance, and they don’t seem to be that into innuendo, which I’m sure will disappoint many on here. I recently discovered them (thanks to the YouTube algorithm and my daughter’s frequent watching of Gangnam Style) and while at a first glance they appear to be “just another” boy band, there is a breadth of ability there which is quite rare. And the music videos are refreshing to watch because the Koreans don’t care about woke. In the K-pop vein, Girls Generation videos are also worth a watch, but not because of the music…

  2. Matt,

    Those girls are legal, right? 😉

    One of the things with all the Asian pop that I like is that they get that it’s about good tunes and entertainment. The west has people going on about race, body image. You’ve just had a shit day working on the call centre, what do you want to listen to?

  3. @RlJ

    Monster has become my favourite post-2000 song. I keep thinking I’ve heard bits of it before, but that’s just because it’s so… right: the chord progression in the second-third line of the chorus is quite simply perfection.

  4. Oh HB… You can bet there’ll be a “reunion after service” tour in ’25 with a perfectly choreographed video showing clips of their service, and interviews with the members about it having been “Character Building” , and all that guff.

    It’s that kind of business, really.

    But honestly.. Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” describes the whole Asian Idol lot to a tee.

  5. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    If you are in the big smoke, and interested, the Korea exhibition at the V&A is worth a few minutes of your time.

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