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To our troll

I’m in crisis every day’: prices outpace Belgians’ inflation-matched pay
Even in a country with automatic increases to pay and benefits, there are concerns over the cost of living

8 thoughts on “To our troll”

  1. That seems a policy guaranteed to cause run-away inflation. But I suppose having a common currency with countries don’t have the policy provides a damping effect?

  2. When I lived close to the frontier in France we used to see a lot of the Belge shopping in our E-LeClerk supermarket. About a quarter of the cars in the car park at weekends had red plates on them. Of course the French were crossing the other way for fags & spirits.

  3. I was talking to a young woman the other day about a problem with one of her teeth. She can’t find an NHS dental practice and can’t afford private dentistry. She expects her problem to get worse until it’s solved in hospital at high cost to the taxpayer.

    I remember that it was Blair who launched the war against NHS dentistry but I never knew the motive. Does anyone here know?

    Anyway I predicted that his war would prove permanent: no government would spend radically more on dentistry while the media demand that the money be spent on, say, cancer. If the media changed its tune, however, so would a government

  4. Dearime, about five weeks ago I had trouble with a tooth, but having not seen the dentist in five years I’ve been removed from their lists. Two of my three previous practices said they were not taking on new patients, NHS or private.
    Walked into the third practice at 12-45 in the afternoon. Last treated by them 20 years ago. Still on their database though, with details of work done and by whom.
    The conversation went along these lines:
    Receptionist:”Sorry, we aren’t registering NHS patients…….. We can get you a private appointment though, £85″.
    Me: (in agony and getting ready to sell my firstborn if it meant some relief)”Yes please”. Receptionist: “Booked in to see DR xxx at half past one”. Another £109 for treatment then £9 odd for a private prescription.

    I am so grateful HM Gov. took those NI contributions out of my wages every week for 44 years…..

  5. @dearieme – “Does anyone here know?”

    An obvious motive suggests itself: if you reduce the use of NHS dentists you save money at the cost of future payments. Current savings can be used to fund more popular services or tax cuts to get you re-elected, while future costs have no effect on re-election prospects. Hence politicians are always tempted to make current savings even at disproportionate future costs.

  6. Indeed so. Yet there are those who insist that only government and politics has the long enough time horizons to deal with the big problems.

  7. Governments would seem to have the shortage attention spans going. Rivalling small children. The news cycle or at best the next election. Companies are what? The career duration of the management? Longest would be families who can plan for generations.
    Why isn’t that obvious? People seek to maximise what they perceive as their own personal advantage. With families it’s genetic.

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