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We can hope, eh, we can hope

Tories ‘at risk from rightwing insurgency’ warns donor Lord Cruddas
Peer says Conservatives no longer party of centre right and are threatened by Reform UK, Brexit party successor, if Nigel Farage takes leadership

11 thoughts on “We can hope, eh, we can hope”

  1. The dinosaurs have noticed a funny light in the sky. The Conservative Party is being deliberately destroyed Lord fuckwit. Sheesh.

    A merry Xmas to all.

  2. They’re at risk of more that that. Seriously, think of a Conservative wing that will support the Party.

    Metropolitan ‘Tories’: alienated by Brexit.
    Red Tories: can’t be paid off subsidised after wasting money on Lockdowns.
    Libertarians: if imprisoning the population wasn’t enough, high taxes and more regulations will soon alienate them.
    Young Tories: will hardly vote for the party that inflated house prices and triple-locked pensions.
    Social Conservatives: LOL.

    They’re basically left with the One Nationers. And they aren’t exactly happy.

    The only reason the party still exists is that they aren’t Labour. This isn’t inspiring. And it’s not clear that it’s true.

  3. The only reason the party still exists is that they aren’t Labour. This isn’t inspiring. And it’s not clear that it’s no longer true.


    Merry Christmas y’all!!!

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Whenever we see these surveys of voting intentions showing a massive Labour lead I wonder how much of this is the groups JK277 refers sitting on their hands rather than positively supporting Labour. A lot of discussions I’ve heard point to disillusionment with politics, especially in the Red Wall, and an intention never to vote again.

    Happy Christmas to one and all.

  5. The UK is the only English speaking country with a nominally right of centre government. Once the Tories have been destroyed there will be perfect harmony.

    Most optimistic path for reform UK: 1st election, handful of mps, proves they’re serious. 2nd election balance of power, 3rd election victory but boxed in at every turn. I should live so long.

  6. R le J: An even more optimistic path, (verging on the fantastical), would be for a bunch of Tory MPs to quit the party and either form a new one, (Not New Conservatives, please!) or join Reform.

    They could gather round the brave Suella or someone like that, (Not dear Liz) and if they get enough bodies, actually influence things for a while. And they might be able to take a few constituency parties with them.

    Maybe the threat of something like that is behind Rishi’s butch immigration talk at the moment.

    Nah. A few brave Tory MPs willing to risk their useless careers? The things the mind conjures up during a well oiled Christmas.

    Anyway, Seasons Greetings to Tim and all who comment here. Thanks for the free ice cream.

  7. The rotting, festering, stinking, maggot infested, cadaver of the Tory Party continues to lurch towards it destination at a crossroads. But who will dig the hole & drive the stake?
    Farage is a good frontman. The charisma. But he lacks someone behind him with the killer instinct. Any contenders?

  8. And yes, a very Merry Xmas to anyone who isn’t a member of the Tory parliamentary party or amongst their hangers on. Think we’ll reserve an Easter for them. Providing we can find enough wood & nails.

  9. @Kev: a few MPs could form a new Tory party and then receive their redundancy money when they are defeated. They’d have more fun than just resigning their seats before the election or just losing their seats as Conservatives. There’s bags of “utility” in having fun.

  10. If you think you are going to lose your seat then a new party that might give you a better chance could be worth thinking about
    Timing wise a year before the next election maybe to have time to build some momentum

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