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We might have an answer here

This one is personal. The second half of my year was plagued by long-Covid.

From earlier:

…..may think they have long Covid when they are actually going through the menopause and may need hormone replacement therapy (HRT), experts believe.

8 thoughts on “We might have an answer here”

  1. The last study of Long Covid that I looked at – about a year ago, perhaps – showed that half the patients had no antibodies to the virus i.e. didn’t have Long Covid at all.

    Presumably by now virtually everyone has been infected so that the results would be different today. Maybe the conclusion would still hold though.

    (I write as someone who did once have a nasty bout of post-viral fatigue: it went on for weeks and put a real dampener on life. Interestingly I didn’t suffer from it when younger, after the worst flu I’d ever had. Ain’t it grand to be young?)

  2. :@dearieme..

    Since its invention, I’ve assumed that “Long Covid” is “Post-Viral Syndrome” renamed to make it more scary. PVS has been known-about for yonks and whether you get it or not seems much to be the luck of the draw. “Long Covid sufferers” should be grateful that they don’t get the severity of PVS that often follows West Nile Disease – it has an average duration of 5 years.

  3. “The second half of my year was plagued by long-Covid.”

    The second half of my year was plagued by Murphy’s long COVID.

    For a person so utterly self-obsessed, Murphy’s “long COVID” is more likely Munchausen’s syndrome. It would not surprise me if he also had Munchausen’s by proxy in relation to his sons.

  4. I thought he’d had recurring covid rather than long covid – how many times did he claim he’d caught it again 4? 5? 6? -i lost count. I suspect he’s blaming his brain fog and general stupidity on long covid rather than admit the fact he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Of course it might just be a ploy to get sympathy from the usual arse kissers who infect his site.

  5. Are we actually certain Lord Spudcup doesn’t actually have some form of early-onset dementia (early? how old is he?) or something. Everything he says is reminiscent of my father who has been medically confirmed as entering the going-gaga phase. At least my dad has sufficient self-awareness that he doesn’t inescapably impose conversations on strangers on buses.

    The way Spud gets his arse kicked when on open panels or interviews strikes me as the dementia equivalent of elder abuse.

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