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Well, yes, this is rather the point

But a joint investigation by international media outlets including the Observer, funded by the Pulitzer Center and coordinated by Finance Uncovered, has found evidence of ethically questionable and potentially illegal practice by the agency, which has a UK-registered firm and offices around the world. New Life denied the allegations, saying it has helped thousands of couples “achieve their goals” and operates in full compliance with local laws.

Analysis of marketing materials, contracts and other documents suggests the company has for years taken advantage of lax regulation in developing countries to offer controversial services to clients not available to them in their home countries.

Why would people use overseas surrogacy? Because overseas isn’t bound by the same rules as at home. For example, it’s possible to actually pay a woman overseas. Here it’s only “expenses” that may be covered.

There are others – but the point of going overseas is to be free of the “ethical” rules that the prodnoses have imposed at home.


The complaint is as with high taxation – why are all these people moving to Monaco?

New Life branches, including those in Asia, Mexico and Ukraine, which is currently closed due to the war, also allow or have recently allowed clients to select the sex of their baby. Clients might want to do this “to balance the gender in the family”, to prevent genetic disorders linked to a particular sex and to meet “cultural and social norms”, its website says.

While permitted in those New Life locations, sex selection for non-medical reasons is banned in Australia, Canada, the UK and other countries in Europe. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, which regulates fertility clinics in the UK, said it had no control over treatments offered abroad but described the findings as “extremely concerning”.


13 thoughts on “Well, yes, this is rather the point”

  1. I knew a gay couple (friends of the missus) who went with a surrogacy thing in Thailand I think. Wasn’t possible in Australia at the time or it was going to cause all sorts of problems. One of the blokes was the father if my memory serves correctly, and if so I definitely can’t remember which one. All I saw was a stable couple who loved their kid. And yeah, at that point, shrug.

  2. Soon we’ll have a big enough data set to see what the outcome of having 2 dads or 2 mums actually is.

    I suspect it will be as destructive / defective as having one parent.

  3. Anon, you may be right. But I still think a long term couple will lead to a better outcome for the kids. I’m going to lean more towards it works out for homos rather lesbian parents though.

  4. I knew a kid who had lesbian parents. He was a bit weird, but seemed to have stability in his life.

    Echoing the recent post about the lesbian with “citizenship by descent”, the UK could deny citizenship to overseas surrogate babies if they fail to comply with our rules. Stupid, but perfectly doable.

  5. Surely the problem is the kid growing up without the role model of a two sex couple. And that’s the default of the society it’s going to join. So there’s all sorts of assumptions it’s not going to share. Difficult to fit in.

  6. We most probably have examples of kids raised by mum and another female relative after the war, comparing that to lesbian couples would be interesting

  7. BinC: My great-grandma was raised by my great-great-grandma and two maiden aunts next door after her father died, my grandma was subsequently raised by great-grandma, my great-great-grandma, and the two maiden aunts next door when subsequently her husband died.

  8. When 2 guys decide to have a child then there is necessarily a lot of planning involved, or at least the right questions should be asked eg can we afford a child, is our home big enough etc. So this would suggest there is a decent chance of a good upbringing.

    More so than the kids born from a quickie with the local bike down the alley next to spoons and then letting the state take care of the financials

  9. My lesbian coworker has her kids stay with the biological dad.

    Rather than be like a one parent child, they’re effectively four parent children.

    Yes, the two pairs live apart, but there’s no of the acrimony of split actual parents.

  10. You can google it if you like. The consensus and meta-analysis seems to suggest there’s not much difference in outcomes for children in same-sex relationships. I won’t post any links because, doubtless, they will be deemed rigged.

    Despite the enormous amount of money that, certainly in America, is behind ‘conservative’ causes, I would have expected any studies showing the converse to be suitably boosted in search results. Nothing so far, but they’ll doubtless get around to it when they’ve done sleeping off the abortion rights afterparty.

    It suggests, perhaps, that it is the parenting that matters.. not the genitals. However, the ‘scientific consensus’ will, doubtless, ultimately depend entirely upon what whoever is hawking the data was hoping it would be.

    (In other news. Is Tim suddenly supportive of abortions when he wants to make an anti-regulation point? Cos, one assumes, that’s how the sex-selection works here. It’s not like the surrogates are going to carry an unwanted baby to term and try to shift it on eBay)

  11. Ltw, all you saw were two men. But presumably there was a woman in foreign parts pressured by pimp or family into carrying that baby for nine months feeding it without her before it being snatched away as she recovers from agonising pain?

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