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Well, you know, not really

Georgia’s runoff was a resounding rebuke of Trumpism. Will Republicans hear it?
Lloyd Green

A complete dingbat of a candidate lost by 1% of the total vote or so. That’s hardly a rebuke let alone a resounding one.

6 thoughts on “Well, you know, not really”

  1. If dodgy election ‘results’ in a state that’s already notorious for Democratic vote counting magic don’t persuade Americans to love a geriatric pedophile who promised them a winter of illness and death, I don’t know what will.

  2. In the last runoff, apparently, a lot of Rep voters didn’t bother to turn out because they thought that the system was already rigged against them.

  3. The Guardian apparently doesn’t know what a runoff election is.

    That said, Trump doesn’t realize there are some elections where you can simply decide to sit this one out. His boner for celebrities never wanes.

  4. Imo Trump has destroyed his credibility by endorsing Celebs eg Dr “Lockdown, Jab Zealot” Oz, Inchorent Hershel “Football” Walker, Kari “Two Faced” Lake

    Many so bad Dems backed & funded their primaries

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