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What fun!

Women may think they have long Covid when they are actually going through the menopause and may need hormone replacement therapy (HRT), experts believe.

In a recent survey of long Covid users, led by the University of Southampton, the average age of people replying was 46.5 while 82.5 per cent were women.

I expect there to be considerable argument back about this but if the facts fit then…..

3 thoughts on “What fun!”

  1. There is no such disease as ‘Long CoVid’.

    There is ‘Post Viral Syndrome’ – well known – where individuals can experience a range of symptoms after even common infections such as Colds & ‘flu. Symptoms include fatigue, headache, sore throat, aches and pains, swollen glands. We don’t call it Long Coryza or Long Influenza but for a while it was known as Yuppy ‘Flu.

    Now it’s got a new name – fashions come, fashions go.

  2. Surely the average age of any adult survey would be in the mid-40s? What we need to know is the distribution of those responses.

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