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You get less of whatever you tax

Britain’s largest North Sea oil producer is refusing to bid for new UK oil and gas wells and reviewing its investments in response to the Government’s tax raid on the sector.

Harbour Energy said it had decided not to bid for new blocks in the ongoing North Sea licensing round, the first since 2019, after the Government imposed a windfall tax on oil and gas producers earlier in the year.

Oh, OK. So Britain needs less N Sea investment, does it?

Landlords and second homeowners will have to pay an extra £4,000 in tax when they buy property in Scotland from Friday as the SNP launches a £34m tax raid.

Deputy first minister John Swinney announced in his Thursday Budget that he would raise the transaction tax surcharge on additional properties from four percentage points to six, effective from Dec 16.

A landlord buying the average £195,000 home in Scotland will pay an extra £3,900 in land and building transaction tax, the Scottish equivalent of stamp duty, compared to if they had completed the sale a day earlier.

It means that the total stamp duty bill for a landlord purchasing a typical home in Scotland will now be £12,700 – nearly 13 times the £1,000 bill for a person purchasing their primary residence.

Scotland requires fewer rental properties available, does it?

28 thoughts on “You get less of whatever you tax”

  1. It does surprise me, Tim that you give these two examples of politicians in action yet still advocate a carbon tax in your previous post.

  2. Unpopular stand up comedy time:

    Q) What is the difference between Rishi Sunak and a stubborn poo that sticks to the toilet?

    A) Not a bloody thing.

    Yes, I am available for Mock The Week.

  3. Amusing Steve. My bathroom currently contains exactly that ( must cut back on the frijolitas). It’s been doused with bleach & I’ll tackle it when breakfast’s settled. So your recommendation. Would Sunak be cleared by Brobat or does one need to escalate to strong acid drain cleaners?

  4. @Steve,

    Well, they’re both brown and stink – is that what you are saying? Or that having got rid of it in the first instance it doesn’t go away? Or that his surname contains the letters A.N.U.S. ?

    Perhaps more explanation would help.

  5. BiS – Hot water is the best solution IMO, all that other fancy chemical shit is to separate gullible housewives from your money.

    Boil a kettle, use a bit of toilet paper to manually remove stubborn Sunak stains, and soon you’ll have a bathroom you can be proud to let the neighbours have a poo in without fear they’ll be interrupted by strange watery voices gurgling nonsense about “Global Britain” and “HS2”.

  6. Well the results of my experiment’s in. Brobat ( or it’s dago equivalent) it was. Just pissing on & flushing. So the question now is: How many British taxpayers need to relieve themselves on Sunak to send him completely round the bend? And where do they queue?

  7. BiS: caustic soda, but don’t put the granules in the loo directly. The heat of them dissolving will crack the porcelain.

  8. Can you still boil kettles on your cold, rainy, electricity bereft isle? Amazing! The wonders of modern blundering.

  9. Witchie – Well, they’re both brown and stink – is that what you are saying?

    I don’t even care about him being an Indian. Rhyming slang champ Jeremy Hunt is no better.

  10. The stated aim is that Scotland have fewer rental properties available, and fewer people renting instead of buying, so they do at least understand the economics.

  11. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Of course they understand! This is what they want.

    Next year they will blame landlords for rents going up and cap rents if they haven’t already.

  12. . . . you give these two examples of politicians in action yet still advocate a carbon tax in your previous post.

    Indeed. Given that the only real form of energy available for decades to come is hydrocarbons, if we tax “carbon” we tax energy – and thus get less of it.

  13. I do the No2 on a newspaper on a carpet and wait for the steaming poo to go cold before taking it out to the compost bin.
    Just following the Martin Lewis advice to its conclusion (when hand washing dishes, retain the heat by waiting till the water’s gone cold before tipping it down the sink).

  14. Had you considered the Indian practise of drying the poo & then burning it for heating & cooking, Mr Bongo? Adopt Indian culture along with your Indian Prime Minister.

  15. ‘ I do the No2 on a newspaper on a carpet and wait for the steaming poo to go cold before taking it out to the compost bin.’

    Just s(h)it on the compost bin, save the newspaper and thus save a tree?

    My grandparents (1950s) had an outside flush loo next to the coal house and where the dry earth closet used to be. In those environmentally friendly days, into the earth lavatory – apart from the obvious – also went ashes from the fire, and kitchen and other waste.

    On the other side of the wall in the backstreet, you could see the outline of the bricked-up hatchway, near ground level, from which the night-shite-shifters used to shovel out the contents of the earth closet onto their cart.

    Even into the 60s some houses in the village and surrounding ones still had earth closets.

    I share this anecdote to make the point we are going backwards to the things it was our great good fortune to move on from: earth lavatories, expensive and restricted power supply, involuntary organic farming, few people able to afford cars, hopeless paper and cardboard packaging, for example.

    We have replaced social and economic progress with regress.

  16. Comparing brown skin to shit?
    Disgraceful, inexcusable. What decade are we in?

    I am sure there are many things for which to criticise the Southampton-born, ENGLISH Rishi Sunak. Overt, cheap and nasty bigoted bullshit about his skin isn’t one of them.

    Also, in advance of the anticipated pearl-clutching, “it’s-ok-if-I-do-it-because-blahblah” replies –

    No…just fuck off. There’s no excuse for this. It isn’t “woke bullshit” to point out that you’re just being a nasty cunt. Criticise the man for what he does, not for his melanin content.

  17. Geoffers

    “Comparing brown skin to shit?”

    Witchie asked Steve if that was what he meant (amongst other possibilities?). Steve said no. Even gave the Cunt analogy to help. Personally, I prefer the snake insult, after the slippery shit knifed Boris in the back. Straw man is doing some heavy lifting there…. 🙂

  18. Yep Geoffers. Surprising how many of us ENGLISH have a billionaire Indian father in law. Although I seem to have completely forgotten the phone number of mine.
    And surprising how many UK politicians have a PPE from Oxford.
    Of course it is.

  19. As a general observation. You have a class of politicians as about as representative of the people they’re supposed to represent as Osama Bin Laden. And doing as much damage.

  20. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Presumably we need to tax anyone planning to let out their recently departed gran’s flat for a few months £12,700.

    If you are a landlord and move into one of your own rental properties do you get a £12,700 tax refund?

  21. BiS.. Arguably, Osama Bin Laden was a product of those same (class of) politicians.. As was most of the damage he wrought when he went rogue.. And his legacy is still causing damage on a daily basis.

    Plenty of pantytwisting and saber-rattling. But making sure “Deus Vult!” can’t happen at the same time, because that would Disturb the Voters.

  22. Reported locally that 30% to 50% of tobacco sales are contraband, store prices per pack are $17 to $21 and street prices $5
    Personally I’m surprised the % isn’t much higher, though wouldn’t surprise me that they are under reporting and that there were street options even lower than stated

  23. Geoffers:

    Steve’s Shit List:
    Rishi Sunak
    Jeremy Hunt
    Grant Shapps
    Spreadsheet Phil
    Treeza May
    David Cameron
    The entire Labour Party

    Not currently on Steve’s Shit List:
    Kwasi Kwarteng
    Suella Braverman
    Daley Thompson
    Kanye West

    Hope that helps x

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