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All a bit colonialist, isn’t it?

Global action is needed to topple Myanmar’s criminal junta boss
Simon Tisdall

But the British initiated the Third Anglo-Burmese War, which lasted less than two weeks during November 1885. The British government justified their actions by claiming that the last independent king of Burma, Thibaw Min, was a tyrant…

As we know, it doesn’t repeat but it does echo.

The justification from the British intelligentsia, that self-appointed guardian of the nation, might have changed a tad but the proposed actions not so much.

Those little brown slant-eyed buggers must run their country our way, see, see!

5 thoughts on “All a bit colonialist, isn’t it?”

  1. The criminal in question is Myanmar’s junta boss, Gen Min Aung Hlaing, who struts about in a uniform adorned with meaningless decorations and gaudy gold braid

    Is he played by Yul Brynner?

    What’s going on with Yul Brynner anyway? He’s a Russian Jew, but Hollywood keeps making him culturally appropriate Orientals and cowbows, et cetera, et cetera. It’s super-triggering and I feel we should have content warnings, folx.

  2. Steve

    He was from Sakhalin, so that counts as Oriental.

    Anyway from what I remember the King of Burma was so poorthat he ran around naked and had to send Rita Moreno to be Yil’s concubine.

  3. Being a selfish xenophobe, I don’t believe foreigners are worth the cost of the napalm needed to burn them alive.

    I’d thus leave them alone to go to hell in their own fashion. I’m absolutely certain that they are perfectly capable of making a complete mess of their affairs without our assistance.

  4. In fairness I’d sooner the West brokered a ceasefire in the Ukraine so food inflation can come down further as we get hold of Russian commodities and perhaps focused more on countries like Burma and Eritrea if they’re going to be interventionist.

    interestingly in Ely the ‘spectres of fascism’ seen in Brazil mean democracy is at risk in the UK. Additionally our potatoesque bete noire has had enough of the monarchy as it is an impediment to his gaining supreme power.

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