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Always a likely problem

An NHS Trust taking over care of trans children from the Tavistock clinic is being trained by controversial charity Mermaids, The Telegraph can reveal.

If you pop the zit then the infection can spread throughout the body…..

7 thoughts on “Always a likely problem”

  1. Why is a supposedly conservative newspaper using the term ‘Trans Children’, when there’s no such thing?

    The infection has spread further than you think…

  2. The charity, which is at the centre of a number of safeguarding rows and is currently under investigation by the regulator, will provide sessions for staff at the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLaM) starting this month.

    How is this possible when Rishi promised us no more woke NHS bollocks?


  3. While lions and hanging have a long tradition do we need something much slower and painful.
    Read something recently where the bad guy put people in a mirrored coffin strapped in place with permanent light, eyelids kept open and tubes/IVs to keep them physically alive

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