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The GOP is about to go wild with phony Biden investigations. The media must not take the bait
Republicans know how to manipulate the “both sides” impulse of the press. Hunter Biden’s laptop is not a story

Don’t anyone report on the R doing to D what D did to R.

Not a story, see?

10 thoughts on “Amanduh!”

  1. Yes, retarded slapper and all that, but consider this for a moment:

    Western ‘journalists’ are now openly trying to prevent the unspeakably bigoted, racist, patriarchal white supremacist practice of… journalism.

    What a time to be alive.

  2. “The GOP is about to go wild with phony Biden investigations”.

    Trump as President:
    Russia collusion hoax.
    Urinating or being urinated on/by expensive Russian prostitutes.
    January 6th ‘Insurection’.
    Two cases of impeachment.
    Stormy Daniels.
    I may have missed others…..

    The only word which can explain this from the Demonrats and MSM is ‘evil’

  3. There is one reason, and one reason alone, that Hunter Biden’s laptop “isn’t a story”. If this had been any of Donald Trump’s kids smoking crack and soliciting kickbacks for “the big guy”, it would have been the biggest scandal in the history of the world. Whither America? Whither democracy? How could we allow these uncouth… crooks into the hallowed halls of the White House? Oh, the humanity! Never again!

    Of course, this dismissal is all part of turning the laptop into the Bidens’ Monica Lewinsky. “Don’t take the bait” = Keep talking about it so that nobody looks too closely at the Democrats using the FBI to do, on an industrial scale, what Nixon hired private detectives for.

  4. Did see a theory that Bidens own party was involved in the hunter laptop leak as it was initially going to be used to get him out of the nomination race, but once they realised that the other candidates (esp Warren/Kamala/Buttieg) weren’t going to work they had to fall back to Biden as plan B so they have been trying to bury it ever since.
    Seem to recall the dodgy Trump dossier initially did the rounds as evidence to push him out of the nominations and when that didn’t work they sold it to Hilary’s team

  5. BniC

    On a similar note the ever trustworthy and impartial Wikipedia states that the Obama birth certificate controversy was instituted by, amongst others, Donald Trump a full 7 years before he even declared himself as a presidential candidate. Quite what he hoped to gain by besmirching someone he couldn’t possibly stand against is not made clear. Occam’s razor would suggest that the source of the rumour was closer to home.

    If only there was a common factor involved.

  6. ‘January 6th ‘Insurection’.

    Yeah Addolff. What’s always struck me is the fuss about a minor riot, while the vast BLM insurrection was taking place all over the US, and was strongly supported by the Dems. And one may note that the bloke holding down George Floyd has been convicted of murder, while the one who shot Ashli Babbitt was let off.

  7. Actually it is not correct to claim that the “dodgy Trump dossier” was started by Republicans. A supporter of, I think, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio commissioned Fusion GPS to prepare an “opposition research” dossier on Trump early in 2016, a pretty standard tactic. That produced the usual boilerplate about his businesses and the sharp practices he indulged in; legal in general; but often fairly “sharp”. That research was discontinued after it became clear that Trump was pretty certain to be the nominee, around I think March/April 2016.

    Fusion GPS then shopped that “research” to the Democrats and the Clinton campaign took it up, and it was after this that the Clinton idea of linking Trump to Russia (as the CIA warned the Obama administration was happening) led to the employment of that fraudulent tosspot Steele and his “impeccable Russian” sources, aka Igor Danchenko with his bar gossip innuendo dressed up to look like a series of actual intelligence reports. With some significant input (the pee tape for example) from a long term Clinton associate Dolan, who as it happens was exceptionally close to Vladimir Putin’s then press secretary.

    Rather similarly the birth certificate story was first hawked to the press by another long term Clintonista. As it turns out it was perfectly possible in 1960 to obtain a Hawaiian birth certificate for a child born overseas, and the original short form birth certificate could do nothing to remove that suspicion. However the long form cert supposedly supplied (almost certainly a true version though as we and no one not a Democrat operative has NEVER seen the original we can’t be 100% certain) dispels that by citing the hospital he was born at. I’ve always thought that Obama deliberately kept the “mystery” alive as a tactic, and with the press even then almost entirely in his pocket, it was a reasonably astute political move. It wasn’t until Trump took up the uncertain nature of it that Obama was essentially forced to reveal his long form certificate.

  8. None of these tit for tat investigations are relevant to the average citizen. It’s just a bunch of inside baseball for politicians and journalists. It’s also wasting more tax money. I love the idea of holding criminals responsible, but ultimately this all seems to be counterproductive. The only people who get fucked over are the ones watching this unfold on TV.

  9. If you think the Tony T case is base, Google Daniel Shaver.

    You’ll never see a more brutal execution.

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