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Another of those startlingly good job offers

Articles can be anywhere between 300 and 1,800 words.


We operate with milestones of 10 articles each and pay $5 per published article. Hence, we pay $50 each time a 10-article milestone is reached.


7 thoughts on “Another of those startlingly good job offers”

  1. ok.. more factors, but average 1000 words/article**, assuming all 10 articles sent in will actually get published..

    Oh wow.. 0.5 cent per word… The generosity is…staggering..

    **no, you’re never going to get ten 300-word articles published, unless you’re the Editor’s live-in bum-mate/gimp.

  2. Lordy. This must be a new landmark in poor pay.

    I also suspect the demand for your articles would mysteriously tail off after 7 or 8 had been published…

  3. I can’t see how all these places offering atrocious pay per word are going to end up doing anything other than publishing (possibly lightly retyped) AI output. Surely that’s what hard-pressed writers are going to have to start using to spew out the quantities required to pay their way – and I assume that the editorial staff are equally hard-pressed so won’t be enforcing too tight a grip on it all?

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