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Appalling! Shocking!

Husbands slack off on chores when their wives are working from home, a study has found.

Women do more of the jobs around the house when both people are working remotely, data show, and men only pick up their work rate when their wife goes to the office.

Scientists found that both partners in a marriage do more household tasks when they have flexible working schedules compared to when they schlep into the office every day.

However, husbands were found to do fewer chores on days when their wife worked from home compared to when she was working in the office.

Women, however, did just as much housework irrespective of where their husband was working on any given day.

Absolutely Stunning!

“There are still some gendered differences in how they manage their job and family responsibilities.”

Gendered behaviour varies by gender. Alert The Media!

7 thoughts on “Appalling! Shocking!”

  1. So, our journalista is quite upset over how other people manage their private lives at home, the details of which she knows pretty much nothing.

    I’m reminded of the point made here I believe – think about your reaction to an article about something you happen to be an expert in, could be rare earth mining, for example. Do you usually finish the article and think “wow, they did a really good job of explaining that in layman’s terms accurately and concisely”? Or do you snicker and wonder how they managed to get almost nothing right? Assuming it is the latter, why do we assume they don’t get everything else equally cocked up when we don’t know the subject as well?

  2. @Esteban…

    That’s exactly the reason I gave up reading newspapers… It finally dawned on me that virtually everything I read in the papers that was on a subject that I actually know about was incorrect, then perhaps the stuff that I didn’t know about was almost certain to be equally incorrect. I’ve taken no notice of them ever since. Ditto most BBC “factual” programs.

    Who was it said that “if you don’t read newspapers you are ill-informed, if you do read them you are misinformed”..?

  3. It would be a pity to miss the obits though. The Tel this morning had a triff one about an illustrator for the Beano.

    P.S. Hats off to whichever apparatchik got the old boy awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours list. (Could it have been Boris before his demise – he actually looks like a Bash Street Kid?)

    P.P.S. Hats off the DC Thomson because this week’s Beano will, uniquely, credit the old boy with a byline.

  4. So, men don’t really care if things are messy, and women hate a mess.

    This is a failure of men? No, this is a strength of men, and an OCD diagnosis for women.

    Stop enabling this crippling female problem. Throw your peanut shells on the floor.

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