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Bangladesh gets this nicely right

He made the remarks when asked about complaints from some Islamist leaders and netizens that religious teachings were absent from the books and the social science books of grades six and seven were promoting a “controversial history”.

Prof Moshiuzzaman further said: “Transgender people are alienated from our society, so we included them in the curriculum to ensure that our students learn to treat transgender people as human beings. I do not know if there is any different interpretation of this from a religious point of view.”

Asked about the same matter, Deputy Education Minister Barrister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Nowfel told Dhaka Tribune: “Religious books contain religious content. We cannot put religious content in books that are meant to teach Bangla, English, or other subjects.”

On the issue of homosexuality, NCTB Chairman Prof Md Farhadul Islam said: “Homosexuality is not legal in Bangladesh, so why should we promote the subject in the curriculum? However, the issue of transgender people is socially accepted here.”

Trans? It happens. Why shouldn’t it be in a textbook? Mebbe something shouldn’t be against the law but if it is that’s an issue for the legislature, not the schools.

And putting some subject into every lesson? Nope, that’s propaganda, not teaching.

Wouldn’t claim that everything is right here but Lordy Be that’s better than some of our textbooks.

9 thoughts on “Bangladesh gets this nicely right”

  1. French undergraduates will take compulsory global warming classes next year.
    It’ll cross the channel soon enough.

  2. Is MohavenotBeanie really that retarded?

    Why do you think zerohedge has an article today on the great dropout? Is it because mandatory schooling sucks?

  3. ‘Why in fuck’s name do we have mandatory schooling anyway?’

    To provide child care for those who can’t afford servants. I should think this’d be obvious.

  4. Why in fuck’s name do we have mandatory schooling anyway?

    Because when people have a basic level of education, they can get a job. This gives the government another person to fleece for all that lovely tax.
    Illiterate and innumerate people won’t be paid as much, and how is the government going to pay for spaffing all the money up against the wall then?

  5. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Everyone treating everyone else like human beings would be a good place to go back to.

    Rather than the perpetually professionally (and usually vicariously) offended treating other people like unpersons.

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