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G’ Grief

A former Conservative minister has quit the party and backed Sir Keir Starmer to lead Britain in a “sober, competent” fashion.

Claire Perry O’Neill, who was in Theresa May’s Cabinet, said she had lost faith in the “cavalier” and “self-obsessed” Tories, revealing that she tore up her membership card this month despite insisting she “likes and admires” Rishi Sunak.


Ms Perry O’Neill was the Tory MP for Devizes, Wiltshire, for nine years and served as energy minister attending Cabinet between 2017 and 2019.

Ah, so not in the Cabinet then.

Attending is junior to in.

And that the energy minister was, in a Tory Government, someone who could switch to Labour gives us a clue as to how Tory the energy system was run……

16 thoughts on “G’ Grief”

  1. “backed Sir Keir Starmer to lead Britain in a “sober, competent” fashion”.

    Yeah, sober, competent and lubricated by thousands of pounds from wealthy activists:

    Who needs two jobs (or a dozen – we are looking at you David Lammy) when you have a ready supply of…..well, readies coming from wealthy ‘donors’.

    It’s as if cash for questions never happened……

  2. “how Tory the energy system was run”
    Skipping lightly over the definition of “system”, the phrase “into the ground” springs to mind…

  3. I used to sort of believe in politics – I thought that most MPs were useless chancers, obviously, and I understood that not much changed.

    But I did think that there were genuine philosophical differences between the main parties, and others, and that voting for the Tories was better than voting for Labour because you were only going to get fucked, not buggered.

    You’d wouldn’t get most of what you wanted, obviously, but you might gain here and there.

    Maybe that was even slightly true at one time.

    Now it is not remotely true.

  4. She was the stupid woman who had an altercation with John Bercow in the HoC. She had been wittering on too long for his taste and he, a man given to archaisms and pomposity to compensate for his diminutive stature, accused her of “dilating”.

    She took exception to this as an example of toxic masculinity although the context was pretty clear and her inner workings were not conceivably at issue.

    Wasn’t she also one of that group of wet remainers in Anna Soubry’s coven?

  5. ‘Shows that if Labour wins the energy crisis will continue’

    Shows that if Labour wins the energy crisis will be continued by those who’ve caused it. There, FTFY.

  6. Increase in donor funding, MPs flipping,
    it’s clear that a lot of people believe the next election result is a foregone conclusion. I wouldn’t put it past Starmer to repeat the mistakes of Kinnock though and find a way to screw it up

  7. If trains were run like airlines, you’d be able to turn up at the station at the last minute, and hang around until a train arrived with empty seats and get a ticket for a fiver.

  8. Adolff – the JSO donor is also the founder of Ecotricity, which owns windmills and has grand plans for biomethane from grass. No surprise he wants to nobble the competition.

  9. Are Tory MPs actually party members? And does the Tory party give its members cards? Both things sound unlikely.

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