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Good Grief, can’t even trust the Chinee these days


For some of the rare earths, the share was even higher. Of the 220 tons of Scandium and Yttrium imported during this period, which were worth 1.7 million euros, 94.4 percent came from China.

Whatever universe that is true in – Y and Sc at €7 a kg or so – it’s not this one.

Source: Xinhua Editor: Zhu Ying


13 thoughts on “Good Grief, can’t even trust the Chinee these days”

  1. Doesn’t really work at 220 kg either, then the price is much too high. 2.2 tonnes? Maybe. Could be, around and about. $1.1 million for a tonne of Sc maybe. But still pretty high for Y. There’s no obvious mistake that leads to that number that is.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Numbers from the German government are as fixed and fucked as those from the Chinese government?

    Pass me the smelling salts!

  3. There is a distinct lack of hard info on the people involved up on that site.

    Still, stop beating about the bush and tell us what you really think.

  4. What am I missing:
    220Tonne * 1000kg/Tonne * Eur7/kg = Eur 1,540,000 – so ~1.7 ‘American’ millions, plus or minus a rounding error?

  5. Or did I misinterpret: I took Tim’s comment as as assertion that SC and Y were at Eur7ish per kilo…

  6. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Or Germany has been overpaying for rare earth metals of dubious purity.

    Retail investment grade rare earths, as Tim might have it.

    This would also be no surprise.

  7. Chris Miller: Bringing back the milliard would just add another term to be misused by journalists. The problem is innumeracy, not lack of terms.

  8. @M

    Oh sure, they’d still get it wrong. But at least it isn’t just a typo. (And it’s much more logical that a billion should be a million million, as sewer le continong.)

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