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Lovely line:

Who, for example, was looking out for him when he was humping the Princess Anne tribute act behind the Rattlebone Inn?

From reputation unlikely that the original, rather than the tribute act (and no, obviously, not suggesting they’re West Virginians) would bother with taking a virginity but if she did then damn lucky for that taken.

3 thoughts on “Haha”

  1. Sounds like a fairly typical first shag plus he was conveniently situated for a post-coital pint or two. Showing his colours early though, a true gentleman would have offered to buy the lady a drink.

    I bet his bodyguards were pissing themselves.

  2. I used to play cricket against Sherston, and go for a drink in the Rattlebone afterwards. I remember then the local chat was that Wills and Harry used to be in there regularly, this was early 00s IIRC.

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