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Has anyone noticed yet?

Guardian staff shut out of offices for another three weeks after ransomware attack
Newspaper struggling to recover from hack that hit King’s Cross computer systems in run-up to Christmas

8 thoughts on “Has anyone noticed yet?”

  1. Well, their sudokus are screwed up. They’ve delivered killer sudokus as normal ones this week. (You don’t expect me to comment on their news coverage being screwed up do you? How would one know?)

  2. The Guardian OBO is pretty good although politics sometimes creeps in there too.

    The rest of the paper is too infuriating to read. It’s The Mail for progressive wankers.

  3. “However, it is understood that the incident has not been reported to the National Cyber Security Centre, a branch of GCHQ.”

    Probably not a hack then, just ineptitude

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