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Have they, really now?

Trans people in England have told VICE World News that they are packing their bags and leaving the country because of the constant transphobia they face online, on the streets, and at work.

Actual evidence would be a good thing maybe?

“Nobody understands the reality of living as a transgender person in England. There is a complete blackout of any positive trans reporting.”


Given that some 400k Brits moved abroad last year evidence that moving was more likely would be welcome that is.

24 thoughts on “Have they, really now?”

  1. “Trans people” could actually mean just two people, couldn’t it? And both of them could be like all those luvvies who swore they’d leave the UK / the USA if Brexit happened / if Trump was elected, many/most/all of whom have (often unfortunately) not put their money where the mouth was.

  2. I’ve occasionally been disappointed when arseholes say “If X happens, I’m leaving this country” and then not going when X happens. I’m now inured to it.

  3. I hate misuse, misappropriation and manipulation of meanings of words by illiterate fvckwits and malign cvnts.

    “A phobia is more than a simple fear. It develops when a person begins to organise their life around avoiding the thing they are afraid of, whether it’s an animal, object, place or situation. A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder.”

    It’s really transridicule or transrevulsion

  4. If only. Of course the mentally ill denizens of the ‘trans community’ are smaller in number than their media presence suggests, so it’s not like we’ll miss seeing them on the streets if some have legged it. However, they love shrieking about their imagined oppression, going somewhere ‘better’ would not make them happy. And, of course, people so fucked up they deny the reality of their own bodies are never going to be happy.

  5. “The daily transphobia all got too much. It would become a game for my manager to out me to customers by seeing if they could guess who was the trans person in the team. He would leave female uniform packs out for me, knowing that when people looked at me they only saw a muscly man. It got to the point where other people at work would come into the gym and deliberately misgender me, treating my life as a joke.”

    Lol, based.

  6. Hold on, did I read that correctly? A person who wishes to live as a female objects to his manager providing him with female work clothes?

  7. “they love shrieking”: is that the ex-men who claim to be women? Presumably the ex-women work hard to develop a stiff upper lip. Inter alia.

  8. I don’t have a passport, so that limited my options of where I could go

    Says the 37 year old journalist and activist. Will he ever succeed in escaping from England?

  9. Slightly more seriously, just where would one emigrate to, as a transsexual, to give you an easier life?

    Given that, presumably, you still need to support yourself and, ideally, speak the local lingo?

    I’m looking at my globe, but I have confess, I’m stumped.

  10. is that the ex-men who claim to be women? is that the ex-men who claim to be women?

    The ex-women who claim to be men are far smaller in number and far quieter, poor unhappy wretches that they are. I feel sorry for women and girls encouraged to hate their bodies by deviant lobbyists, especially when they opt to be mutilated.

  11. I actually recommend emigration to all non-conformists. Whether you’re a trainspotter or trans-Potter*, in a foreign country people will just shrug their shoulders and go “must be a British thing”. The weirder you are, the further you have to go.

    (* I assume trans-Potter means getting a lightning bolt scar surgically crafted onto your forehead, and LASIK to give you myopia.)

  12. Bogan,
    Doesn’t work in Australia or New Zealand, as they’re too close culturally to the UK. America is fine though – everyone is weird there.

  13. Great news. Hundreds of children saved from grooming- Where are they moving to? Can we redirect some of the DFID budget to buying them tickets?

  14. NZ isn’t really a destination available. Jacinda has the borders pretty much closed to permanent settlers.

    They’d have to be one of the desired occupations and then find an employer. Most employers would take one look at a trans activist and go find some Fijian Indian, who at least wouldn’t be mental.

  15. I remember Danny La Rue topping the bill on The Good Old Days on several occasions, each time leading a rousing sing-along.

    And Dame Edna is considered an adopted treasure.

  16. Fantastic news. So few of them nobody will notice they have gone, but so loud we know they aint gone away yet. Please go and dont come back

  17. @Andrew M – “I actually recommend emigration to all non-conformists”

    And have you practised what you preach?

  18. I know a couple who moved to Lagos – the one in your neck of the woods, not the one in Nigeria.

    No idea if lots of trans people are moving, but I do hear lots complaining about living in the UK and talking about it and a few that actually have.

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