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Hollow laughter

Nor does a UK equivalent of an IRA have to break the bank, because, as Danker said in his speech, there are smart ways in which the government can spend money to support green growth.

First we’d have to have a governing system that was smart at spending money, wouldn’t we?

8 thoughts on “Hollow laughter”

  1. So, the UK hires the IRA to rob the Bank of England, and the two packs of gangsters split the loot.

    Or have I got it wrong somewhere????

  2. I was talking to a mate the other day about our choice of current affairs reading. He was concerned that he was in a bubble chamber and only hearing one side of any argument.

    I told him that the world had changed and that well thought out arguments were a thing of the past and that all we get now are half arsed opinions and straw men. This article is a perfect example. I wish that I had never read it. It is bolocks from beginning to end.

  3. That Guardian article is classic Guardian.
    1. The last 15 years have been bad. David Cameron, “…Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and now Rishi Sunak…” are to blame. No mention of Gordon Brown, I wonder why.
    2. A suggested remedy is rejoining the EU even though for most of those 15 years we were in the EU and s”tagnating”.
    And that’s just in the first three paragraphs. The rest is just as bad.

  4. Sorry, I got my quote is the wrong place, they should have gone around “…David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and now Rishi Sunak…”. like that.

  5. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    The UK equivalent of the IRA won in 2016 didn’t they?

    Then things got so much better when they took power.

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