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How absolutely wonderful

SNP ‘could raise Scottish income tax to plug hole in spending plans’
Institute for Fiscal Studies warns that soaring spending on benefits ‘will reduce amount available for public service spending’

In so many ways. Firstly, they’re offering to pay for the spending in Scotland from the taxation of the Scots. That’s better than the taxation of the English to pay for spending in Scotland, obviously. Not so good for the Scots paying the taxes but, well, you know, vote and you shall reap the rewards.

But it gets even better. They’re simply handing out too much of the money to scrotes. Which is excellent. Because given the disasters that happen when they actually try to do anything just giving it away is a grand improvement.

5 thoughts on “How absolutely wonderful”

  1. The solution to devolutions issues is simple: you want to run it, you have to pay for it. Scottish, Welsh, NI, England must raise their own cash for their own functions. If you want UK funding, the UK government has to run it. Have a mechanism where responsibilities can transfer, but only every 5 years. Then enjoy the screams as those who blame their own failings on “Westminster” find themselves unable to blame others for their own failings 🙂

  2. “The IFS analysis shows the difficult choices faced as a result of a UK Government settlement that is not enough to meet the needs of public services in Scotland and fund a response to the cost of living crisis.”

    Finite resource meets unbounded expectations?

    Sounds like we did a parliament to set a realistic budget

  3. This is why all those poor unfortunate countries that were so eager to gain independence from the evil old empire whinge so loudly for ‘reparations’.

    The one that amused me the most was when South Yemen got its independence. (The Yanks were backing Salah in North Yemen so the UK couldn’t just blockade Hodeidah and cut off supply to the terrorists—–oops heroic freedom fighters, creeping across the border to murder people.)

    The National Liberation Front swarmed into Aden, expecting to swim in the money bins. But alas found no money. I was highly amused when, during the conference at Geneva, the UK gave them the finger. So the old Soviet Union had another set of clients on their dole.

    The people I most sympathised with were the Omanis. The NLF promptly started up a war to liberate the poor oppressed Dhofaris, and of course Oman’s oil, from the wicked Sultan. This nonsense went on until the USSR collapsed. South Yemen then agreed to unite with North Yemen, that was financed by the US taxpayer.

  4. By any measure, Holyrood is a basket case, most anyone with a modicum of talent left long ago. But then the Scots did save our arse back in the 70s/80s by having the good fortune to possess North Sea Oil. Throw in Speyside Whisky and their gift to mankind is complete.

  5. The ferries don’t work. Lots of scrotes lounge around living off benefits. The answer is obvious: enslave scrotes to row galleys.

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