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I am shocked, shocked

UK battery start-up Britishvolt has collapsed into administration

Shocked it lasted this long.

10 thoughts on “I am shocked, shocked”

  1. I would have thought the U.K. would be better off building an E fuels industry rather than trying to get into the battery game.

  2. Last year, Britishvolt asked the government to advance £30m of a promised £100m in support, but was refused as the company had not hit agreed construction milestones to access the funds.

    Out of such a multi billion quid project £100m would probably only tile the executive loos. Attempting this from scratch without a manufacturer lined up or Elon Musk handing out the dosh sounds just a bit like a grift to me.

  3. Industry experts have said the UK will need several battery factories to support the future of UK car making


  4. We’d be better off investing the 100 million GBP in fracking. EVs are never going to happen. We simply don’t have the generation capacity. And 60% of households don’t have driveway or garage parking. Best of luck charging your EV from your eighth floor flat. Besides, the Chinese have the market cornered.

  5. @ Steve – Why? indeed. With Mini moving production to China (where most EV batteries are made) I can’t see much of a future for UK EV making at all…

  6. Good.
    A let’s hope no further tax payer’s cash gets sent their way.
    Reality has a way of defetaing even a politicians’ delusion.

  7. Yes, Yet Another Chris. Fracking is a nice simple proven technology that the UK can use to run its present energy users without any alteration.

    But of course everyone knows this already. That’s why they don’t do it.

  8. Tim-
    quite but i think that will be a vain hope. The problem is there’s an electoral promise- a marketing label and a real budget. They will be splashing that budget never fear, and it will never be enough.

    Mayor of the North East – already been on the beeb saying its gubberments fault, all they needed to do was pony up 30 million for the new investor he’d lined up which a) would have been underwritten by that new investor (so zero risk – yeah right)
    b) would make the money back in Income tax from the workers in double quick time.

    Danger Danger High Voltage.

  9. “That’s why they don’t do it”

    But it’s (apparently) O.K. for the US to do it and then send us the gas in liquefied form at considerably greater cost…

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