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I find this very, very, amusing

Five more pages of classified documents have been discovered at Joe Biden’s home in Delaware, the White House has revealed, as the growing scandal over his handling of sensitive material threatened to engulf the US president.

Lawyers for Mr Biden have said that in addition to an office cupboard at a think tank in Washington and a cardboard box in his garage in Wilmington, more pages of classified information were found in his private library this week.

The discovery, made on Thursday but announced on Saturday, piles more pressure on the embattled president to explain exactly what he was doing with documents, which included US intelligence memorandums and briefing materials on Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom.

As some of you will know I do some work that means reading the American online mags. And the number of pieces last week insisting no, no, this was all entirely different from Trump.

Which, in the optics of the thing, it isn’t. Just all most amusing.

18 thoughts on “I find this very, very, amusing”

  1. Nixon resigned following a scandal 100 times less consequential than this one. Biden would be a fool to run in 2024.

  2. He is being fitted up. The team that really run the White House realise what a liability Biden is and that people are beginning to twig that some serious vote manipulation has been going on in the last two elections.

    They have painted themselves into a corner, though. Harris is even worse and has to be kept silent if she succeeds Sleepy Joe.

  3. Makes our antiquated red box system look incredibly secure
    If I took highly classified material offsite, let alone to a private home I would be crucified

    US President? Meh!

  4. I don’t know what all the fuss is about, there’s clearly no ill intent. Putting things in odd places is a very obvious symptom of dementia, that’s all.

  5. There’s one way it’s completely different. Biden was vice president and didn’t have the authority to declassify the documents he took. Trump was president and did have the authority.

    Whether or not that’s a good defence is up to the lawyers and the judges to decide.

  6. In a box in a garage, huh? Good going there….

    I do wonder to what extent the Obamas and Clintons are currently doing a Serious Spring Cleaning through their houses to make sure they can ….avoid…. such embarassing finds.

    But…. Djfjfjjf…. Methinks that the implications of Watergate were a tad more serious than this..

    Both Trump and Biden are being shafted by …???… over what’s basically a legal technicality.
    One that’s even really easily made given the sheafs upon sheafs of paperwork they get handed and have to lug around/get handed everywhere.
    But no doubt you’ve never misplaced anything, only to forget about it, and find it back years later. Or even stashed something important so that you won’t forget where you put it, and…. forgot where you put it the next morning, again.. only to find it back years later going: “Ah, there’s where it was!!”

    Watergate… Weeellll… That one was a bit more pro-active and deliberate, don’t you think?

  7. I note that Trump’s documents were held in a safe, and their existence and location were known to the archivist.
    Biden’s were not.

  8. Perhaps the most curious part is why this is coming out now or at all. If you find an endangered species on your farm the advice is “shoot, shovel & shut up”. These docs have been MIA for years & could have been trashed. Why the search in 2022/2023? And why didn’t they disappear?

    One theory about “why the search” is that when it seemed likely that Rs would take over the House and investigations into Biden Inc. would happen the order went out to clean up. But why not trash the evidence? Did the parties behind this want to stop Dementia Joe from running again? But wouldn’t Dr. Jill have made sure the search parties were loyal to them?

  9. It will be determined that as the garage door was down there is no problem.

    Though as Gikrath suggests, who knows what you’d find if you searched every politician’s garage?

  10. “Watergate … was a bit more pro-active and deliberate” So I assumed for years.

    Now I wonder whether it was an FBI plot or a CIA plot.

  11. @ Grikath

    Watergate was Nixon’s people spying on the Democratic Party’s offices for opposition research. Still illegal, yes, but cheating to find dirt on your opponent is a little different than storing top secret documents on Ukraine and Iran. In a garage at your house. Watergate had absolutely zero effect on national security. A president cheated and lied? Forgive me for not making a big deal out of that.

    “George McGovern is going to unleash an October surprise in the election” is different information from “Iran is at X stage of uranium enrichment.” And the latter type of documents were in Biden’s garage in a cardboard box. The situation is so bad that, when asked what he was thinking, Biden didn’t even bother saying it wasn’t his fault, or that someone set him up. He just said, “Well I lock my garage. It’s not like my Corvette’s out on the street.” That’s how dumb he thinks we all are, and how seriously he takes his job. Nonetheless, how “deliberate” any of these actions were is completely irrelevant.

  12. …different than storing top secret documents on Ukraine and Iran. In a garage at your house.

    Look, as far as Ukraine and Iran go, the garage is probably the right place but the UK deserves better than that, don’t you think?

  13. One interesting point on this is that TOP SECRET documents don’t just go missing. There is an office that signs them out to someone and signs them back in again. They have to be inventoried once a year. They have to be returned if the person leaves government.

    If the document isn’t found during the yearly inventory, then all sorts of alarm bells go off. In the case of both Biden and Trump, the security office responsible for the documents has been criminally remiss in their duties. Someone, somewhere high in the security apparatus made a deliberate decision not to pursue an investigation after the inventory was supposed to be taken.

    It is interesting that neither the left or right wing media has followed up on this. They have plenty of people there who had security clearances. Those folks get yearly refresher training on how to handle this type of document, so they can’t say they forgot.

  14. Just by way of an afterthought: if Joe Biden has a garage does that mean that he is actually allowed to drive a car?

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