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I think I object to this

A comment, left here:

“A Scottish pint, for example, was almost double the size of an English equivalent until 1824, which speaks volumes about the drinking culture north of the border.”

3x shurley? 2 pints and 19blahblah fluid ounces? The joug?

Which explains even more about either Scotland or Scottish beer of course……

Been deleted apparently. I should have emailed corrections instead.

Good Grief. Commentards can’t argue accuracy below the line? What is El Reg coming to?

8 thoughts on “I think I object to this”

  1. Drinking is the traditional means of coping with the fact we live in a slightly crap, rainy, dark and haunted little island, which aspires to the heights of Shakespeare and Lennon-McCartney but mostly settles down into comfortably mediocre Alan Partridgehood.

    And before that, our druid ancestors were very obviously completely fucked in the nut on magic mushrooms the whole time.

    The decline in intoxication – our noble Saxon birthright to be delightfully smashed – is behind the decline in birthrates. These lemon-lipped Puritanical Millennial permavirgins urgently need a spliff, a kebab, and a Sade album on in the background to Get Britain Shagging Again.

  2. Sade? Strange choice Steve. Ms Adu’s Nigerian. Although I think she lives in Gloucestershire, now.

  3. The decline of El Reg started with the re-organisation that saw you (amongst others) kicked out. Even Dabsy’s gone now. I only go back to catch up with BoFH.

  4. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    It says there that the US military went metric in 1947.

    Whither the bloke in the Nevada desert with a rare and expensive metric spanner set to keep the Russian tanks going during war games?

  5. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Well all air things are in feet, knots, inches of not even mm Hg, and nautical miles. But the bolt threads?

  6. I’m guessing that things like airplanes are really hard to move from one system to the other since they last so long. You don’t really want two sets of very expensive and specialized tools.

    Things like rifles on the other hand are a little easier, especially since there’s a need for compatibility with other NATO countries.

  7. Worked with a Belgian bloke once, called Hughe Pinte, he got awfully pissed off with the way we said his name

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